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People Who Need People Are the Healthiest People In the World

Still pumped after the recent 6th Annual Working Well Conference. I was especially inspired by Dr. Will Miller’s keynote presentation on social relationships. He discussed the weakening of close personal relationships in America and its impact on our health. Miller believes that modern culture is luring us into a lifestyle of isolation and separation. We’re losing the strong social support systems that are fundamental to our well-being. We’re moving away from our families and communities. We’re distracted by television, the Internet and other activities that pull us away from deep, personal human connections.

When It Comes to Relationships, More Is Better

And, he says, we rely on too few relationships. One person can’t be the “emotional load of you.” You need a full array of close intimate relationships. The kind with “refrigerator rights.” People you trust and would welcome in your home. Those with whom you’ve shared experiences over time. Those who will hold you accountable. Those who keep you centered. Those who mentor you. “These are the relationships that help chisel you, smoothing out your rough edges.”

His words hit a cord with me. Wellness isn’t just about our own physical fitness and nutrition. Deep personal relationships require us to look outside of ourselves. They strengthen us, motivate us, connect us and grow us in ways we wouldn’t grow alone. They give us more than we can give ourselves.

Greteman Group won the Working Well Innovative award in 2009

Marc’s Final Friday Picks August 2010

Christopher Gulick at Artworks

Chris Gulick will be taking his kinetic sculptures to the “One of a Kind Show” in Chicago later this year. If you’d like to help him finance his adventure, make a stop at Artworks, and pick up a specially priced Gulick of your very own.

ArtWorks in Piccadilly Square – Central & Rock Road, 6-8 p.m.

mobiles by Christopher Gulick
mobiles by Christopher Gulick

Monika Meler at Steckline

Monika Meler uses printmaking techniques to create one-of-a-kind works, often applying layers of image on both sides of very thin paper. Her time as printmaking professor at Wichita State was short – she’s moved to California – so this may be your last chance to see her beautiful prints in Wichita.

Steckline Gallery, Newman University, 5-7 p.m. |

If you think banking is boring, you don’t know Jack.

That’s the message going out to all Derby High School Panthers as they begin the new school year. The dapper spokespanther Jack represents Verus Bank’s new Big Green School of Money. This Verus branch is not just located inside the high school. It’s student run. So they learn by doing.

Derby High Finance

The branch is off to a good start with 40 students signing up before school even began. Students can drop in to open a free checking account, complete with a debit card sporting the school colors: green and black. They can also take a photo with a life-sized, cutout Jack and post it to their Facebook pages. (Jack had his own Facebook profile, of course. You could friend him and join some pretty enlightening conversations. Who knew things like ROI and APY could be so fascinating?)

Test Results You Can Take to the Bank

To help students become more financially literate, the bank will be posting weekly online quizzes that offer the chance to win some really cool prizes. Can’t wait to see how many Derby High Panthers become dollar scholars.

Marathon Brand Manager

Jennifer Szambecki-Benniga
Jennifer” style=”margin-bottom:30px

When Jennifer Szambecki joined Greteman Group she described herself as a “compulsive joiner.” So, we have to assume she’s here because she really, really wants to be and not just responding to an involuntary impulse. Actually, Jennifer came in eyes-wide-open, having crossed paths with us many times since 2000 in a career that’s involved fundraising for a couple of our favorite organizations: Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Jennifer spent two years in Boston for another leading nonprofit. This avid runner lived happily on mile 24 of the Boston Marathon just down the street from Fenway Park. But Wichita called her back, and we’re glad it did.

First-Name Basis

About the time she become our newest brand manager, Jennifer announced she was getting married. Part of our jubilation was the thought that now we wouldn’t have to learn how to spell Szambecki. Then we find out she’s going the hyphenation route. Szambecki-Benninga. Thanks, J. Much better.

This young professional has no “off” to her “on.” She has a handshake to rival a campaigning politician’s and builds relationships as deep as they are plentiful. The Rotary Club of Wichita, Young Professionals of Wichita and her church all benefit from Jennifer’s big-hearted enthusiasm and electric personality.

A BA in psychology helps Jennifer probe the mind of the consumer. And she can tell if you’re telling the truth by the way you hold your mouth. At least, she says she can. Mostly her interest in human behavior and thought processes translate into a deep desire to understand her clients’ needs. Her favorite concept from Take a Stand for Your Brand is the call to serve as a vigilant brand guardian. Indeed, her clients can see this brand manager’s halo from miles away.

Bombardier Invite Flies High

Celebrating the Legend of Learjet – and the Living Legends of Aviation – has been cool fun, baby. We had the privilege of helping market these two highly exclusive, invitation-only events. GG brand director Ashley Bowen Cook even provided onsite support. Not that we’re jealous or anything. What’s so special about sipping cocktails at the Beverly Hilton with the likes of John Travolta, Kurt Russell, Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman? OK. Let’s just say Ashley’s still walking on air.

Legend of Learjet
Legend of Learjet

At the Wichita Area Technical College, It’s All About Jobs

WATC Brand

Training for a high-wage, high-demand career is now easier than ever to find. Our recent rebranding for WATC (pronounce each letter separately and proudly, please) does more than reposition and elevate the college. It captures your attention and compels you to take the next step. Learning more.

The new identity instantly communicates that this isn’t the Wichita Area Technical College of years past. The academic crest suggests a prestigious college, not a low-tech vo-tech. Wing shapes personify the school’s commitment to “Give your career lift.” WATC’s an open book, offering real-world knowledge and hands-on learning to those on a quest to achieve more.

Signature Flight Support: Smart and Effective

Sophisticated yet inviting. Elegant but functional. Signature Flight Support’s new digital efforts perfectly reflect the company – the world leader among fixed-base operators that nevertheless makes each visitor feel right at home. Drop your airstairs at any of Signature’s 102 locations and you’ll think they’ve been waiting just for you. And people are taking notice. Aviation International News’ annual survey recently identified Signature as one of the world’s best FBOs.

Exceptional Service

Visit the website, you’ll immediately find what you need – as though they knew you were coming. Moving aggressively to increase market share, Signature has been expanding its digital presence, while scoring a series of hits with fun, smartly aimed evites producing outstanding turnouts for promotional events at the NBAA International Operators Conference, EBACE and other targeted aviation functions. For those on the go, Signature’s dynamic new mobile site lets pilots quickly access everything from locations to up-to-the-minute news.

The Signature Flight Support website.
The Signature Flight Support website.

Royal Caribbean: Feel Great, Do More

Royal Caribbean’s ongoing dedication to helping its teammates live better, healthier lives led to some big changes in this year’s annual wellness fair. Fresh, bold creative set the tone and let staff know at a glance that this was one not-to-miss event.

A fun, compelling teaser email kicked things off, while posters throughout the Miami headquarters built anticipation and kept interest high. Each employee received a personal invitation with event details sure to drive attendance. Supersized banners helped attendees navigate the event while a Fit4Life handout tied everything together with great tips to inspire ongoing healthy lifestyle changes. Which, let’s face it, is a great benefit for the company, too. The campaign was a huge success: participation in the employee health assessment more than doubled over the previous year.

Fit 4 Life
Fit 4 Life

Kansas State Fair 2010 – It’s Still a Wild Ride, Baby!

This year the Kansas State Fair and Greteman Group have raised the bar on crazy – again. Sheep Thrills and Raving Bull will soon charge a TV screen and billboard near you. It’s your deep-fried, cotton-candied, chain-sawed, goat-ropin’, big-buckled, mutton-chopped and mulleted masterpiece of Midwestern cultural experience – on a stick.

This year’s campaign builds upon our past quirky barnyard critters, reminding fairgoers to head to Hutch for outrageous, one-of-a-kind fun. Traditional channels – broadcast, print, outdoor – form a foundation for the fair’s increasingly effective social-media campaign. A blog, Twitter and Facebook target teens and young adults with regular updates, contests and requests for feedback. The International Association of Fairs and Expositions named the 2009 campaign best in its use of social media.

Kansas State Fair 2010
You may have seen our “raving bull” on a local billboard.

Via Christi On West St. Teresa: Rethinking the Modern Hospital

How do you market the hospital of the future? That’s now here? Working with Via Christi Health, we covered all bases: digital, outdoor, print and broadcast. We started with an attention-getting :15 teaser and, once we could shoot inside the hospital, followed that with a :30 TV spot and longer-form video featuring key staff and people eager to have this great new resource. We still haven’t decided whether the retired couple or expectant parents were the most excited.

Via Christi's Open House Announcement
Via Christi’s Open House Announcement