Aviation Marketing and Advertising Team

Meet Our Team of Dedicated, Get-It-Done Pros

Work with a team of passionate individuals who live to create and love what we do. Benefit from our diversity – with Boomers, Millennials and Gen Xers all represented. Tap into the counsel of sage, seasoned veterans and the energy of up-and-coming 20-somethings making their mark. Everyone here, from graphic designers and writers to AEs and production managers, share a common passion. To deliver the smartest, best executed marketing solution possible.

Sonia Greteman - President/Creative Director

Sonia Greteman

President/Creative Director

Otto Lilienthal said: “To invent an airplane is nothing. To build one is something. To fly is everything.” Sonia understands. “Awards and great work are something. Results are everything.” Whether increasing a client’s market share or connecting with new audiences, Sonia helps our advertising agency achieve maximum altitude. Challenging writers and designers to dig deeper, think smarter. Clients don’t get lost in the shuffle. They know Sonia’s directly involved. Two decades of helping build some of the world’s best-known brands puts Sonia in demand outside the office, too, working tirelessly to promote culturally rich, visually satisfying environments.

Deanna Harms - Executive Vice President

Deanna Harms

Executive Vice President

Clients naturally seek Deanna Harms’ counsel. Maybe it’s her solid background in journalism, public relations and account management. Or the smarts she brings to every challenge. She rolls up her suit-jacket sleeves, works with terrier-like tenacity and loves every moment. Deanna guides clients through choppy waters, from new-product rollouts in fiercely competitive markets to leveraging interactive media for brand building. Sonia and Deanna’s yin-yang creates a force that breaks down barriers and drives projects forward. Deanna ensures that we think through every project with equal attention to quality and outcomes, creating a responsive, resourceful, client-first team.

Ashley Bowen Cook - Vice President/Brand Director

Ashley Bowen Cook

Vice President/Brand Director

Managing a brand demands the multitasking of an air-traffic controller, the curiosity of an explorer and the personality of a diplomat. Ashley is three-in-one. Daughter of acclaimed aviation photographer Paul Bowen, Ashley was schooled in communicating a brand’s essence while working with disparate professionals – and how to make the most arduous assignment fun. Ashley started her career assisting with Bombardier Learjet’s PR efforts, then joined Bombardier Flexjet marketing, coordinating top-of-the-line owner events and brand-building direct mail, promotions and collateral. Years on the client side give Ashley perspective and empathy.

Joshua Wood - Senior Writer/Editor

Joshua Wood

Senior Writer/Editor

After nearly 20 years in journalism, Josh knows how to write. But more important, he knows how to edit, giving clients only top-flight copy that delivers results. He has a reporter’s tenacity to dive into deep research to find out what makes a client unique. Josh wants to tell the story of the brand, delivering facts and information in the most compelling fashion. He knows how to shape those words to best suit multiple platforms for today’s social media and digital world. Think a detail is too small for Josh to notice? His love of trivia gives him the meticulous approach necessary to solve problems. And to do so quickly with the sense of urgency of a journalist. When he’s not learning something obscure about U.S. presidents, mid-1980s baseball teams or the beautiful shape of Kansas license plates in the 1950s, Josh loves to travel across the country, one county at a time.

Jordan Walker - Digital Director

Jordan Walker

Digital Director

You have to be quick and nimble to keep up with today’s turbine-powered pace of digital media innovation. Coffee cup in hand, Jordan confronts the challenge, finding the most effective digital strategies to match each clients’ distinctive situation. Going beyond the obvious, digging into the motivations. Uncovering the stories that drive behavior. Why does a person surf, search, purchase? Her background in marketing strategy, social and digital media marketing, SEO, web development and more give her plenty of fuel. And she’s passionate about finding the best answer. The perfect solution. When she’s not reading, biking, camping, hiking, traveling or listening to music, she’s tending to her dog-sized cat Charlie. And her dog-sized dog Daisy.

Barry Owens - Writer/Producer

Barry Owens


Barry Owens pretends that his process is some kind of mystery, that even he doesn’t know how he does it. Whatever. It’s like the time when he, as a cub reporter who had never seen a single wrestling match before, got himself assigned to cover a high school tournament. He came back with the story he had planned for all along, headlined WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE? His offbeat sensibility led him to street-level journalism in New York City where he would get himself lost in hopes of stumbling upon an unexpected story. He’s still at that sort of thing, approaching stories with fresh eyes, taking chances and odd angles. His award-winning video work is as original as his copy. It often takes turns you don’t see coming. But we’re never surprised. We knew exactly what we were doing when we brought him onboard.

Stephanie Stover - Brand Manager

Stephanie Stover

Brand Manager

Want to move the needle? Count on Stephanie. Because she has the experience and expertise to identify and address your most critical needs. She’s a marketing veteran who’s done it all. Direct marketing. Media representative. Digital marketing of every type. Senior brand manager. She delivers attentive client service dedicated to building your brand. Here’s the thing: She’s not just really good at driving success – she truly loves this marketing and advertising thing. And you know she’ll keep it real. After all, she’s a soccer mom (Among many mom responsibilities.) She keeps her balance via long walks with her dog, Lucy. And visits to her 100-year-old family farm. Then comes back refreshed, ready to tackle another marketing challenge.

Meghan Wolfe - Art Director

Meghan Wolfe

Art Director

If there’s such a thing as destiny, Meghan is Exhibit A. Mom: frame shop owner. Dad: songwriter. Meghan danced: tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop. Took up photography. Leaped headlong into graphic design. As a designer, she looks to shake things up. “I really enjoy experimenting. I’m unconventional by nature.” Meghan brings life to our already vibrant office with her innate sense of color and keen eye for typography. Meghan keeps up with marketplace trends, infusing her work – and ours – with a fresh, fashion-forward style. Get on board. She’ll do a lively dance of design just for you.

Marc Bosworth - Art Director

Marc Bosworth

Art Director

People often say that our work embodies something best described as soul. Marc wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether developing trade show graphics or brand concepts, Marc makes sure all details exquisitely contribute and beautifully connect. Marc earned a bachelor of fine arts in drawing and a master’s in printmaking with emphasis in sculpture. Marc keeps his skills sharp by actively participating in the arts scene. He teaches printmaking at Friends University and his prints and mixed-media pieces have been featured in exhibitions from Santa Fe to Denmark. He says, “Stay in the game.”

Lori Heinz - Production Manager

Lori Heinz

Production Manager

There are more than 200 projects in the works at Greteman Group at any given time. Lori knows where they all are. She’s an indispensable part of the creative process who uses her discerning eye for materials and detail to see a brilliant concept executed at an equally high level. If the designers can dream it, Lori can get it produced. Exquisitely, on time and on budget. When she’s not being our rock, Lori’s trying out new recipes, landscaping her yard or collecting all the great mid-century modern furniture the rest of us wish we could source.

Heather New - Digital Developer

Heather New

Digital Developer

When you build your first computer at age 13, there’s a good chance web development is in your toolkit when you grow up. But coding with elegance and beautiful aesthetics? That takes an eye for design. Heather combines a passion for the digital world with a love of art. Oh – and roller derby. She’s our jammer. The player who racks up points by lapping opponents. As nimble with a keyboard as she is on skates, Heather delivers sizzling websites that score. Just what one might expect from the person whose skating nickname is “Heat.” Heather isn’t afraid to take a different tack when the need arises. This avid home remodeler willingly breaks down the conventional to create the spectacular, adeptly providing an elegant solution to whatever problem exists, “Sometimes it feels good to take a sledge hammer to a wall. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and do some hard manual work.” Think what she could do for that old website of yours.

Shae Blevins - Digital Strategist

Shae Blevins

Digital Strategist

Shae knows the ins and outs of nearly any marketing tactic you throw at her – traditional as well as new media. But this savvy communicator’s grasp of digital makes it a natural home for her considerable talents. On any given day, you might find her coordinating a digital media plan, managing social media, writing blog content, or analyzing results against KPIs. And Shae lives to collaborate, to be part of a team. To constantly learn and grow. Off hours, when she’s not reading or writing just for fun, she’s enjoying a strong cup of java or a locally brewed IPA. And she’s spending time with family, especially the little nugget she calls son.

Donna Grow - Brand Production Manager

Donna Grow

Brand Production Manager

Just try to slip one past Donna Grow. Whether it’s a brand standard, a bit of faulty logic, or a simple typo, it won’t pass Donna’s vigilance. She catches ’em all. Because she’s passionate about getting it right – from the big picture down to the smallest detail. Her affinity for advertising and aviation go back to the beginning: her first job was in the graphics department at Boeing Wichita. She worked at a Los Angeles agency that specialized in movie studio clients, but soon came back to Kansas to stay. When she’s not making sure things are just right at work – on everything from traditional print to the latest digital piece – Donna likes to read, walk and cruise estate sales to feed her interior design habit.

Chaney Kimball - Senior Digital Art Director

Chaney Kimball

Senior Digital Art Director

How could someone so laid back be such a monster of web design? Within this surfer dude’s lanky frame beats the heart of a raging interactive demon. Chaney knows what’s hot – or heating up. After receiving a degree in graphic design, Chaney worked at one of the region’s first web design and development studios. He went on to several other firms as well as co-owning his own. At Greteman Group, Chaney fully unleashes his unique and dynamic approach to web design. He knows interactive solutions – as cool as they can be – are a means to an end.

Ginny Walton - Media and Pricing Manager

Ginny Walton

Media and Pricing Manager

If you need a pick-me-up, call Ginny. The office energizer bunny. You can’t talk to her without soaking up a big dose of enthusiasm. Beneath that perky, positive exterior, she’s all about getting things done, finding the most efficient solution, negotiating the best deal. Perhaps it’s her strong work ethic, developed growing up in a large, close-knit, industrious family. Driven by years of experience making things happen. Deepened by five-plus years abroad. After juggling a media buy, print and digital please, sweet talking all the added value she possibly can get and working mega spread sheets of data, she winds down her perfect day listening to music (sing-along please) and hanging with our favorite office dog Lilly. She offers this warning: If you’re not ready to be fully awake, don’t call her early in the morning.