Jennifer Szambecki-Benniga
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When Jennifer Szambecki joined Greteman Group she described herself as a “compulsive joiner.” So, we have to assume she’s here because she really, really wants to be and not just responding to an involuntary impulse. Actually, Jennifer came in eyes-wide-open, having crossed paths with us many times since 2000 in a career that’s involved fundraising for a couple of our favorite organizations: Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Jennifer spent two years in Boston for another leading nonprofit. This avid runner lived happily on mile 24 of the Boston Marathon just down the street from Fenway Park. But Wichita called her back, and we’re glad it did.

First-Name Basis

About the time she become our newest brand manager, Jennifer announced she was getting married. Part of our jubilation was the thought that now we wouldn’t have to learn how to spell Szambecki. Then we find out she’s going the hyphenation route. Szambecki-Benninga. Thanks, J. Much better.

This young professional has no “off” to her “on.” She has a handshake to rival a campaigning politician’s and builds relationships as deep as they are plentiful. The Rotary Club of Wichita, Young Professionals of Wichita and her church all benefit from Jennifer’s big-hearted enthusiasm and electric personality.

A BA in psychology helps Jennifer probe the mind of the consumer. And she can tell if you’re telling the truth by the way you hold your mouth. At least, she says she can. Mostly her interest in human behavior and thought processes translate into a deep desire to understand her clients’ needs. Her favorite concept from Take a Stand for Your Brand is the call to serve as a vigilant brand guardian. Indeed, her clients can see this brand manager’s halo from miles away.