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Recruitment Strategy
Without the Headhunter

Finding the right person for your team is worth the work. Posting your job opening. Reviewing dozens of resumes. Interviewing candidates. But what if the best of the best never apply? What do you do when you need to fill hundreds of positions? Expand your efforts with our integrated recruitment strategy.

Filling the Pilot Pipeline

Commercial pilots are ever-needed assets for Piedmont Airlines. They turned to us to get their opportunities in front of the right candidates.

GOAL: Recruit 30 qualified pilots per month.

STRATEGY: Piedmont’s incentives made the ads attractive — but targeting made them effective. Programmatic, search and social ads drove pilots back to an engaging website.

RESULT: Our integrated campaign doubled monthly goals in the first year for just $12 an applicant.


Graduation to Workforce

The commercial construction industry needs a workforce. AGC of Kansas came to us to attract new candidates.

GOAL: Enhance the industry’s image as a viable career option.

STRATEGY: A younger audience meant new digital territory. We met these individuals on their devices, social channels and the platform they use the most: SnapChat.

RESULT: More than one million impressions in the first three months, 15,000 visits and 200 clicks.


Let's Start Recruiting

Can you answer yes to some of these basic questions? Then, let’s get some serious conversations started about your recruitment strategy.

  1. Are you open to doing something great together?

    The best work comes about through collaboration, trust and a mutual desire to break through to something truly original.

  2. Are you looking for a partner not an order taker?

    If you already know exactly what you want, leaving no room for exploration, you won’t reap the benefits of our best thinking.

  3. Are you ready for new, more quantifiable solutions?

    Advanced analytics enable us to add segmentation, filters and campaign benchmarks against your KPIs.

  4. Have you worked with an agency before?

    Working with a full-service agency is different than freelancers or in-house teams. It helps us if you’ve learned how to maximize our team.

  5. Do you have a designated marketing budget?

    Once we know the resources available we can work with you to prioritize need, think in phases, and come up with the best-value solution.

Who's Your Workforce?

Facing a workforce shortage? We can help you fill your personnel pipeline.

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