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Testimonials Tell It Like It Is

What’s it like to work with us? We asked our clients. Some have been with us practically since day one. Others came aboard later in our journey. All of their responses make us smile. We hope they’ll make you think of us as you consider a marketing partner.

It’s always a delight, both professionally and personally, to work with the Greteman Group on our vast array of complex projects to promote the airport and our services. The talent base at the company is without peer, and the creativity shown is beyond wonderful. The breadth of their expertise constantly amazes me, and they always exceed my expectations. Working with Sonia and her team is always a great adventure and delight.

Victor D. White, A.A.E.
Director of Airports
Wichita Airport Authority

You can ease our anxiety in even the most stressful situations. We appreciate your unfailingly great work and rapid response.

Joan Mirabile
Senior Vice President

How can we laugh so much when we’re working together, yet produce such great outcomes?

Kevin Chase
Coach and the Cowboy

Responsiveness From the get-go GG has jumped right in with pretty much whatever we’ve needed. Not a lot of bureaucracy to navigate or limitations if we haven’t had traditional briefs prepared for what we’ve needed. GG has been able to start delivering after the first phone call and continues now that we have a bit more of a rhythm.

Flexibility We’re a startup so we don’t really have the resources or traditional “departments” a larger, more mature company would have. GG has been able to meld to what we have and operate very effectively with us. That flexibility on your part has really helped us focus on the important stuff and make progress.

Digital experience We have very little digital experience so GG has dramatically accelerated our abilities here which is critical in today’s market. We’ve received a lot of great support from GG on more traditional marketing as well but the strength in digital was an unexpected and delightful benefit.

Tom Gibbons
Aviation Partners Inc.

It is so easy to work with Greteman Group. I can’t imagine working with another agency.

Diana Clasen
Senior Manager Communications
FlightSafety International

Greteman Group: still sassy after all these years.

Ken Evans
Former Strategic Communications Director
City of Wichita

There will never be a box you can't think outside of.

Sheree Utash
National Center for Aviation Training
WSU Tech

When we decided to update our brand to match our company culture and values, the Greteman Group team was an incredible partner. Their insight, and ability to understand our goals, showed up in a stellar new mark that still gets compliments years later. Over the past 30 years Sonia and her team have left their mark on countless organizations like mine, and we are all better off for it. Congrats on 30 years!

Ben Hutton

When we hired Greteman Group for MKEC Engineering, Inc.’s rebranding in 2013, we quickly established a foundation of trust that has continued to grow as we’ve partnered on several community projects. GG’s inspired creativity raises the bar for any project with a unique blend of fearlessness, transparency and integrity. Congratulations on 30 years of excellence!

Cindy Womack
Marketing Manager
MKEC Engineering, Inc.

What a privilege to work with Greteman Group. Their regular contributions to BlueSky – on subjects ranging from aviation events and marketing know-how, to inspirational leaders and worthy causes – have engaged, informed and educated our readers. Their enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge – and sense of fun – is a surefire recipe for success, richly deserved.

Tim Harlow
BlueSky Business Aviation News

Congratulations, Greteman Group, on your 30th anniversary! You have been my dream come true. In my 40 years as an aviation executive, your team is the best marketing group I have had the privilege to work with. You met my expectations of maintaining an integrated and coordinated plan and made it painless to create and maintain. I truly enjoy our relationship – full of focus, laughs and results! In my book, y’all are the best of the best! We look forward to working with you for the next 30 years!

Jerry King-Echevarria
Founder and Chairman
King Aerospace Companies

Engaged. Inquisitive. Creative. Responsive. It’s hard to ask more of a business partner. Greteman Group always delivers.

Rollie Vincent

How do you keep from going to hell? You hire Greteman Group to develop a marketing plan and provide you a strategic message. Praying helps, too.

Pete Gustaf

Greteman Group is more than the airport’s advertising agency; I look to them as partners in developing strategies to ensure the success of the airport. Their work is instrumental in projecting a first-class image of the airport. They are responsive to the many emails I send each day and I value their advice. It is no wonder that GG has had a successful 30 year business. Congratulations!

Valerie Wise
Air Service Development & Marketing Manager
Wichita Airport Authority

Greteman Group managed to make this 90-year-old-company look sharp and modern while maintaining our long and rich history. We are thrilled.

John Brogan
President & CEO

You’ve made the leap from success to significance. And you did it without risking family, friends or reputation.

Jack DeBoer
Risk Only Money author and entrepreneur

Because of the caliber of leadership and employees, I’m not surprised that the Greteman Group is still successful going into their 30th year of business. It’s been my privilege to be their printing rep since the beginning, and I have watched this talented, professional group rise to the top of their class in the creative world. They are hardworking and passionate about what they do, which bears much success for their fortunate clientele. Congratulations Sonia and team. You’ve come a long way, and your journey into the future looks as bright as ever.

Gary Douglass
Printing Services Consultant
Donlevy Lithograph

Greteman Group: hometown world class. Congratulations for your continued awesomeness!!!

Jerry Jones
Jones Commercial Development

The Greteman Group team is customer focused, creatively excellent, quality minded, deadline driven, and really great to work with.

Steve Phillips
Vice President of Communications
FlightSafety International

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