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A Powerful Present

This year, my colleagues gave me the best gift ever.

Instead of buying me a present, GGers took our Do The Deed campaign as inspiration and pledged to do small acts of kindness on my behalf. Each team member wrote down his or her commitment and bound them together, creating a book of deeds for 2010.

The ideas range from little daily things (smiling more, communicating better, ordering the six-inch sub sandwich rather than the foot-long) to larger, life-changing commitments (quitting smoking, eating less meat, exercising regularly). Others are donating funds and efforts to causes that hold a special place in my heart.

I appreciate the thought that went into each and can’t wait to see the team live them out.

Peace and joy.

Paying Kindness Forward

We launched a campaign today and hope you’ll join in the fun. We’re calling it Do the Deed. It’s all about spreading a good vibe. Doing small acts of kindness that create ripples. That spread and grow.

Do the Deed couples attitude with action. Sometimes it just means being a bit more aware. Less wrapped up in our individual lives and more attuned to those around us. It could be as simple as looking the cashier in the eye and smiling as we get our change. Or simply saying please and thank you. A lot.

We’re not suggesting that being nicer to one another will cure all the world’s ills – but acknowledging people, giving them respect, showing them a little kindness – it can be transformative.

A Movement in Motion

Do the Deed started as our agency holiday campaign. But as we talked about fundamental truths and things that really matter, it became clear. Time to broaden our vision. We reached out to see if anyone had interest in joining our initiative. People did. In a big way.

The Wichita Eagle stepped forward as our lead partner. (Watch for Do the Deed in the daily paper and on Intake Studio worked late multiple nights to produce a compelling video and PSAs. Printers offered everything from oversized vinyl graphics to wallet-sized cards. Billboard companies donated digital space in and around Wichita. Wichita State University, Towne East, Towne West, NewMarket Square and Bradley Fair agreed to let us chalk their sidewalks with Do the Deed stencils. Members of organizations like Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas and the Barton International Group are planning deeds even as I write this. The community is taking Do the Deed and running with it.

What will your deed be? Check out our website for ideas and to submit your own.