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digital recruitment campaign

Piedmont Airlines Recruitment Campaign

Piedmont's recruitment campaign strategy highlighted the airline’s key differentiators to a shrinking pool of pilots in a highly competitive

cultivate your social landscape header image

Clean Up Your Social (Part II)

We helped you clean up. Now, let’s venture into the dry, cracked desert of channels long ignored to cultivate your social landscape.

Clean Up Your Social (Part 1)

Hope is not lost, and neither is access to that forgotten Facebook page. Kick off your social media clean up with these recommendations.

email design basics

Email Inbox Basics

With effective messaging, interesting visuals and targeted subscriber lists, email can do a lot of the heavy lifting for your campaigns.

Ready for Mountain Time

Wichita's lack of an affordable direct flight to Denver changed in August 2018 when ltra-low-fare-carrier Frontier Airlines returned to ICT.

break up with internet explorer

Breaking Up with Internet Explorer

You don’t have to settle for Internet Explorer. It's time to break up with IE.

Marketing Survey Results Reported Live

Our Digital Director @jaywalker20 and Digital Strategist @shaevins talk survey results and offer insights on digital marketing strategy.

better website header

Building a Better Website

If a website’s several years old, chances are it’s time for an update. FlightSafety launched its reimagined website with Greteman Group.

Room for Digital Improvement

How well does an industry known for its innovations in speed, range, safety, comfort and connectivity do when it comes to digital media?


Websites' Need for Speed

If you’ve never thought about what your site speed might be costing you, now is the time to start.


Marketers Prepare for GDPR

Personal data protections have marketers reaching for aspirin. Headaches mount as the enforcement date for GDPR approaches. Are you ready?

Publish More Video

By 2019, 80 percent of all online content will be video.

Data and Design: When Opposites Attract

Make your marketing data and design work together for messaging that packs a punch and improved results.


2018 Seven Marketing Musts

A new year approaches. Kick it off right and resolve to incorporate these seven marketing trends into your 2018 strategy.


Skinny Up Your Digital Ads

Fat ads slow down sites, annoy readers and perform poorly. Skinny up your digital ads to load quickly, look crisp and earn clicks.

digital tactics blog header iamge

3 Digital Tactics for Aviation Marketers

NBAA-BACE is the largest lead-generating aviation event of the year so we’ve got lead gen on the brain.

jordan walker ama wichita event graphic

AMA Wichita recap of Google Analytics presentation

AMA Wichita communications committee writer Vanessa Whiteside recapped Greteman Group Digital Director Jordan Walker’s presentation...

jordan walker digital director presents at ama wichita

Measurement: A marketer's best tool

Measurement serves as the best strategic weapon to preserve – and possibly boost – marketing budgets.

New SmartParts Site for Aviation Partners’

SmartParts combines best practices in prototype, responsive development and CMS for sound web solutions.

Driven by Data, Will Life Be Better with Bots?

Do you love or hate Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa? Do you find these personal, helpful resources, or not? Maybe both?

Greteman Group Launches SmartParts for Websites

Greteman Group, has launched SmartParts, a website theme that streamlines the web-development process.

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