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Bullish On-Air Summit

The Wichita Aero Club’s eagerly anticipated annual on-air summit, did not disappoint.

AirFlair Awareness for STEM

Design Your Own Plane Game Brings Awareness to WSU STEM Initiatives

ed bolen presents nbaa 2018 keynote opening

BizAv Means More Than Business at NBAA 2018

NBAA-BACE is always good for business, but NBAA 2018 boosted more than the bottom line. It ignited imaginations and elevated spirits.

Design Your Own Plane with AirFlair

This holiday season, we're spreading joy with AirFlair, an online, paint-a-plane game and competition. Check it out.

Shaesta Waiz Unites Women and STEM

Shaesta Waiz seems larger than life. She’s down-to-earth, gracious and passionate about STEM. She shared her journey in Wichita Sept. 12.

Marketing Survey Results Reported Live

Our Digital Director @jaywalker20 and Digital Strategist @shaevins talk survey results and offer insights on digital marketing strategy.

better website header

Building a Better Website

If a website’s several years old, chances are it’s time for an update. FlightSafety launched its reimagined website with Greteman Group.

Transforming Data Into Action

APiJET offers such a game-changing aircraft data service, it demanded an equally strategic identity. Take a look. #SmartAircraft


NBAA Regional Rocks

If you haven’t attended a National Business Aviation Association (@NBAA) regional forum, do yourself a favor. Go. #NBAA

b-29 superfortress doc

Doc Comes Home

B-29 Superfortress Doc will have a new home this fall at the Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport in Wichita, Kansas.

Room for Digital Improvement

How well does an industry known for its innovations in speed, range, safety, comfort and connectivity do when it comes to digital media?

kansas aviation director bob brock speaks to wichita aero club

Kansas Aviation's EcoDevo Focus

KDOT Director of Aviation Bob Brock said his department must foster economic development in Kansas through innovation research and training.

aea convention 2018

Innovations Energize AEA

Being in the Air Capital, we're interested in all things aviation, especially the innovative products featured at the 2018 AEA Convention.


Together We Fly Higher

Sonia felt honored to be part of an IAWA #GenAv Women's Leadership Forum panel with other women executives in the aviation industry.

Yingling Aviation CEO Lynn Nichols at the 2018 Wichita Aero Club Gala

Doing the Right Thing

This year's Wichita Aero Club gala honored Yingling Aviation CEO Lynn Nichols for his impact on both our community and aviation.

WBJ Interviews Cook on Aero Club Vice Chair Appointment

The Wichita Business Journal's Daniel McCoy interviewed Ashley Bowen Cook on Wichita Aero Club Executive Committee Vice Chair appointment.

Cook Named Vice Chair

The Wichita Aero Club Board of Directors recently welcomed the first woman to its executive committee. Ashley Bowen Cook named vice chair.


Skinny Up Your Digital Ads

Fat ads slow down sites, annoy readers and perform poorly. Skinny up your digital ads to load quickly, look crisp and earn clicks.

Connecting at NBAA17

Our base in the Air Capital led us to aviation. But it’s the people who tie us to this unique industry. #NBAA17

Marketing SETP Requires Logic and Emotion

We’re fans of these multiuse workhorses. And, over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about marketing SETPs. They have their own niche.

digital tactics blog header iamge

3 Digital Tactics for Aviation Marketers

NBAA-BACE is the largest lead-generating aviation event of the year so we’ve got lead gen on the brain.

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