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Consider yourself bright, bold and bodacious? Greteman Group is looking for marketing talent like yours. You might not see a job listing now. But things change quickly in this industry. Think you’d fit in with our self-motivated, always-striving-for-better-solution pros? Contact us.

The brands we create have attitude, excite, connect and spur action. Our talented marketers tend to have those traits, too. We’re climbers and questers who seek challenge and the unexpected. The desire to deliver the smartest idea, perfectly executed propels us.

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Project Manager

The project manager acts like an air-traffic controller, coordinating all project aspects to ensure everything is thought through and delivered beautifully, on time and on budget. The project manager proactively oversees and directs multiple projects simultaneously – from short-term, quick-turn initiatives to longer-term, integrated endeavors – and ensures they meet or exceed expectations from inception to delivery. The project manager interfaces with team members regularly by setting up and driving team meetings, project documentation, and seeing that the right information is communicated to team members or vendors. The project manager works with team members to meet their deliverables in the hours allotted and works closely with vendors and contractors.

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We offer a full spectrum of benefits, including health and dental insurance, short- and long-term disability, life insurance, cafeteria plan, pension plan, paid holidays and paid time off. Workout programs, yoga and perks, such as standing desks, help create a culture of wellness.

We encourage giving back to the community and professional development through involvement in career-enhancing organizations. Think what we could do together.