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AirFlair Awareness for STEM

Design Your Own Plane Game Brings Awareness to WSU STEM Initiatives

Design Your Own Plane with AirFlair

This holiday season, we're spreading joy with AirFlair, an online, paint-a-plane game and competition. Check it out.

Stand Up and Be Counted

“First we register. Then we vote. Then we win.”

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Reimagining Autumn & Art's Identity

Autumn & Art will stand the test of time, so will its elegant, new mark. Mark your calendars for this not to miss festival Sept. 14-16.

Transforming Data Into Action

APiJET offers such a game-changing aircraft data service, it demanded an equally strategic identity. Take a look. #SmartAircraft

responsible designer to watch meghan wolfe in GDUSA

Wolfe Named AIGA Wichita President

Art Director Meghan Wolfe has been named president of the American Institute of Graphic Arts Wichita chapter.

Content Deserves Better

The term "content" devalues the key role creative plays, slapping a generic term on a non-generic product. Content deserves better.


Color that Communicates

Sonia Greteman says the psychology of color directly affects how people respond to your marketing. Here's how.

responsible designer to watch meghan wolfe in GDUSA

Wolfe Named to Art & Design Advocates Board

Art Director Meghan Wolfe has joined the Art & Design Advocates board of WSU's School of Art, Design and Creative Industries.

Be the Light This Holiday

Look around. We each have our sphere of influence. How might you brighten your world? Let’s each Be the Light.

Meet GiGi

As a friend of the agency, you’ve probably seen GiGi, our alter ego. She brightens everything from our website...

Language Matters: Know Your Creative Lingo

Every industry has its terms and acronyms. And if you don’t use them right, things can go wrong. You...

Renew Kansas Identity Chosen for LogoLounge

An identity developed by Greteman Group will be featured in the upcoming LogoLounge Book 10.

How 10 Design Champions Benefited from HOW

When the HOW team thinks of all the brilliant work that’s been entered in our competitions over the years—and all...

A Foundation Built on Prayer – and Work

Saint Francis Community Services has been helping children and families since 1945. But it’s never had a dedicated giving...

Stop Looking and Listen: The Importance of Sound Design

A good eye can only get you so far in video making — you also need a good ear....

Super Bowl Ads: The Funny and the Flops

Everything about Super Bowl advertising continues to get bigger and bolder. Thankfully for us in marketing, that means a...

Piedmont Airlines Launches Pilot Recruitment Campaign

Wichita, Kan. – The aviation industry’s been talking about the looming pilot shortage for years. Retiring Baby Boomers combined with...

Free To Bee Campaign Launches

WICHITA, Kan. — Appreciating nature is more than idle buzz at Greteman Group. The Wichita-based marketing agency recently launched...

Free to Bee

You know us creative types. We find inspiration all around. Nature stimulates us. The budding sunburst of spring’s first...

NBAA delivers wow factor

A number of people at NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) said the same thing to me: “This...

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