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The Cameraman Doesn’t Lie

It’s not easy to make working on computers look interesting. Cameraman Barry Owens films Greteman Group's creative culture.

Stop Looking and Listen: The Importance of Sound Design

A good eye can only get you so far in video making — you also need a good ear....

Beyond Vine, Live Video Today

Bye-bye, Vine. The world of real-time, self-publishing continues to evolve. Next Tuesday, Jan. 17, Twitter’s once-loved, six-second,...

The art of Video Art Direction

I’m not going to prattle on about the importance of video. You know its value. That it increases engagement,...

Clay Lacy Aviation

Clay Lacy: The Man, the Legend, the Company

Legend. And even this word falls short in describing Clay Lacy. If you fly, you know his name and...

Silver Telly Awards

Kansas State Fair Commercial Wins 4th Telly Award

Greteman Group, agency of record for the Kansas State Fair, has earned a Silver Telly for the 2014 Kansas...

YouTube or Vimeo? Use Both.

What you may not have caught is how these videos are being served. And that’s important. They can be...

Videos that Put You Into the Action

Videos that Put You Into the Action

The role of simulator training is to get as close as possible to the real deal. We recently created...

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