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Aviation Marketing from the Air Capital

Our founding reaches back to April 1, 1989. Our small-but-mighty group quickly grew a big reputation for breakthrough creative that led to action. Awards rained down and clients bubbled up. We grew in both size and stature.

In the early ’90s, we designed one of the region’s first websites. It only had a few pages. There was little text. The navigation was so subtle finding your way around became a game. It had no SEO because Google didn’t exist. Nor did Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. You accessed the site through painfully-slow, dial-up modems. We persevered and evolved. Today, every project we touch is digital or has a digital component. We haven’t just changed with the times. We’ve been the change. Responsive design, search-engine optimization, data-driven marketing, email campaigns and social-media management.


Visit us. We're in downtown Wichita's Douglas Design District, near brew pubs, food and parks.

Collaborative spaces throughout our office foster interaction, whether in person or video conferencing.


We dive into analytics to see how well everything’s performing – and adjust as needed. Those first years passed in a business-generating, round-the-clock, always-thinking blur. We set a fast pace. Dashing around the office (and world), obsessing over big ideas and small details. We’re calmer now – thanks to noontime aerobics and after-hours yoga – but the passion remains.

Good creative and storytelling capture attention and evoke emotion for a purpose. Think conversion. Moving people to action. To download information. Ask a question. Buy a product. Become a brand advocate. Think new thoughts.

The Greteman Group Manifesto

Give us a challenge. You don’t have to tell us what to do or how to do it. Our band of highly motivated, self-directed pros go after it. We work independently and collaboratively, passionately and fearlessly, wrestling with ideas until we pin down the best.

We like to succeed, and often do, but how we get there matters. Grace and integrity walk our halls. Transparency generates open and honest conversations.

Each of us brings unique skills that, when combined, make us a powerhouse. Our lifelong learners find joy in their work. When you hear, “I work at Greteman Group,” it packs a punch. You know that person:



Give us a challenge and, working together, we set goals and make a beeline toward them. Our up-for-anything approach has led us to develop wide-ranging expertise. Ready for you to tap.



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