This year the Kansas State Fair and Greteman Group have raised the bar on crazy – again. Sheep Thrills and Raving Bull will soon charge a TV screen and billboard near you. It’s your deep-fried, cotton-candied, chain-sawed, goat-ropin’, big-buckled, mutton-chopped and mulleted masterpiece of Midwestern cultural experience – on a stick.

This year’s campaign builds upon our past quirky barnyard critters, reminding fairgoers to head to Hutch for outrageous, one-of-a-kind fun. Traditional channels – broadcast, print, outdoor – form a foundation for the fair’s increasingly effective social-media campaign. A blog, Twitter and Facebook target teens and young adults with regular updates, contests and requests for feedback. The International Association of Fairs and Expositions named the 2009 campaign best in its use of social media.

Kansas State Fair 2010
You may have seen our “raving bull” on a local billboard.