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Demystifying Canva’s Licensing Agreements: A Comprehensive Guide

Canva has become a go-to platform for individuals and businesses seeking to create eye-catching, branded designs with ease. But before you get too comfortable using this platform, it’s essential to understand Canva’s licensing agreements that govern the use of assets within the platform.

That being said, there’s no need to panic and start overthinking your content strategy. Here we’ll break down the five licensing agreements offered by Canva, and paint a clearer picture of how to use its resources responsibly and effectively:

One-Time Use Canva Licensing Agreement

This license is great for creating social media content.

It allows users to purchase and utilize premium elements from Canva’s library for a single project or campaign. With this license, you can create and incorporate these premium assets into your design, giving your project a professional and polished look.

However, it’s important to note that the One-Time Use License limits the use of the purchased asset to a single project only. This means that you cannot reuse or incorporate the same asset in other projects without acquiring additional licenses.

Also keep in mind that this license does not grant permission for resale or distribution of the asset itself or any products created using the asset.

Royalty-Free License

If you need to use an image more than once, this is when your options start to open up.

This allows creators to use the licensed assets, such as images and illustrations, in multiple projects without the need for individual payments per use. With this license, you can incorporate the licensed assets into various personal and commercial projects, such as social media posts, presentations and printed materials. The Royalty-Free License provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness for using the assets across different contexts.

There are limitations to the Royalty-Free License. While you can use the assets in multiple projects, you cannot resell or distribute the assets themselves as standalone products. The license also restricts the use of assets in certain sensitive or prohibited contexts, such as defamatory, pornographic or illegal content. Additionally, you may not claim ownership or authorship of the licensed assets.

Unlimited Reproductions License

This permits users to utilize licensed assets, such as images and illustrations, for an unlimited number of reproductions in both personal and commercial projects. This license is ideal for scenarios where you require widespread or high-volume use of the assets without limitations on the number of times they can be reproduced.

With this license, you can incorporate the assets into various projects such as marketing materials, merchandise, and digital products, both for personal and commercial purposes.

The Unlimited Reproductions License still comes with its own restrictions. You cannot resell or distribute the licensed assets as standalone products, and you may not claim ownership or authorship of the assets. And again, this license may prohibit usage in sensitive or prohibited contexts, such as defamatory or illegal content.

Items for Resale License

This more encompassing license enables users to incorporate licensed assets into products that are intended for resale or distribution. This license is suitable for individuals or businesses creating items such as merchandise, printables and digital templates that will be sold to customers.

With it, you can use the licensed assets to enhance your products and make them more appealing to your target audience. This can include elements like images, illustrations and design elements from Canva’s library.

As always, there are important limitations to consider. While you can use the licensed assets in products for resale or distribution, you cannot resell or distribute the assets themselves as standalone products. You also may not claim ownership or authorship of the licensed assets.

Multi-Seat Extended License

This grants users the ability to share licensed assets, such as images and illustrations, with multiple users within the same organization. This license is designed for businesses or teams that need to collaborate on projects using the same licensed assets.

With the Multi-Seat Extended License, you can distribute the licensed assets to different team members or users within your organization, enabling efficient collaboration and design work. This does effectively enhance productivity and ensure consistent branding across various projects.

Again just like with every license, there are important restrictions to mind. While you may share the licensed assets within your organization, you cannot provide the assets to external parties or users outside of your organization. And as always, you cannot resell or distribute the assets as standalone products, and you may not claim ownership or authorship of the licensed assets.

As you embark on your creative endeavors using Canva, stay mindful of these different licensing agreements. Before utilizing any asset, take the time to review the specific terms and restrictions associated with each license type. By doing so, you’ll navigate the world of Canva with confidence, creating captivating designs that comply with the platform’s licensing agreements.

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Greteman Group Announces Art Director Promotion

WICHITA, Kansas – Long known for its design and creative work, Greteman Group announces the elevation of Tasha Wentling to art director at the marketing agency. Wentling joined the aviation-focused company full time four years ago, and previously served as graphic designer.

In her time at Greteman Group, Wentling has created branding, identity, website design, print and online advertising, motion graphics, illustrations, environmental exhibits and videos for a range of aviation and nonaviation clients, organizations and community causes. Her creative work has helped clients stand out and delivered impactful results.

“Tasha’s way of approaching a challenge always provides creative solutions for a client,” says Sonia Greteman, creative director. “She brings elegant, modern designs to the table, while taking a holistic approach to the medium and how it will work digitally.”

Wentling joined Greteman Group after an internship and graduation from Wichita State University School of Art, Design and Creative Industries. Her work has won national awards including recognition from the American Institute of Graphic Arts and National Scholastic Press Association. She has led her own photography and art exhibits in Wichita and regionally.

At Greteman Group, Wentling’s work has been the center of campaigns and branding internationally through advertising, tradeshows, websites, collateral and other digital projects. Her work locally has included crafting complementary aesthetics to highlight galleries and artists. She has expanded her digital capabilities to answer clients’ needs for engagement in social media and non-traditional campaigns.

Greteman Group Promotes Vice Presidents

WICHITA, Kansas – Greteman Group has promoted two team members to vice president to lead the agency.

Jennifer Herring and Josh Wood take over the vice president roles vacated by Ashley Bowen Cook upon her ascension to agency president. Herring, who also serves as project manager, joined the agency in 2020, while Wood, senior writer/editor, started in 2016. Both have served on the agency’s leadership team and operational management group since shortly after coming to Greteman Group.

“We depend on the talents and leadership that Jennifer and Josh deliver each day,” says Bowen Cook, who became president on Jan. 1, 2023, taking over operational oversight from Founder Sonia Greteman, who continues to serve as chair of the board and creative director. “They have proven their essential qualities in providing strategic value to our clients and shaping and executing the vision of the agency. We will depend on their guidance internally and externally to ensure the agency continues the impactful work we’ve been doing for nearly 35 years.”

Herring manages all workflow and resources within the agency, from project initiation to successful completion. She came to Greteman Group with years of agency experience and as a small business owner. Her process-oriented mindset has transformed the way the agency delivers marketing campaigns, brand development, tradeshows, collateral, websites, videos and other digital services to its clients.

Wood has been the primary writer for Greteman Group’s diverse roster of clients since joining the agency. He brought nearly 20 years of journalism experience to the role, writing and editing compelling long- and short-form content, including messaging and advertisements over a variety of print and digital platforms. He also assists clients with public relations, drawing on industry contacts and knowledge to maximize the reach of their news.