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Data, Wisdom, Action

Ever feel like you have more information but less ability to put it to use? You’re not alone. We hear that from clients large and small. Most of the time that comes from not being selective in the data being monitored.

Data can feel like an information firehose, impossible to drink. You want to channel the stream and adjust the spigot to fill your cup with only the good stuff. The goal: convert data into wisdom that drives action.


Refine Your Review

Carve out think time. If you’re always meeting, always talking, always reacting, you cannot plan. Start by focusing on your desired outcomes, then reverse engineer the path that gets you to the goal. At every step, there should be a metric that can lead to insights and aha moments. Hit a wall? Brainstorm with others. The group is smarter than the individual. Every time.

Set Expectations

Define critical success factors, or key performance indicators (KPIs), then make them your benchmarks for monitoring results. Tools will change – Google Analytics, TrendKite, Salesforce, Moz, whatever – but the need to demonstrate how effectively you’re achieving key business objectives will not.

Ensure that your data is visual, represented in clear, colorful pie charts, bar graphs, scatterplots, heat maps and more.

Done right, visuals help reveal trends and the bigger picture. They can spotlight best performers – and consistent underperformers.

Be Disciplined

KPIs are only as valuable as you make them. Strive for SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Sales KPIs can track your new-business pipeline as well as new revenue. Marketing KPIs are trickier, yes, but you should be able to track your share of voice, marketing-generated sales leads, website conversions, call-to-action responses, social-media engagement, event attendance and more.

Assign the activity to monitor, then set desired intervals and your planned reporting structure.

Take Action

Take corrective action as needed. That may mean amending your original objectives, adjusting your course – or completely changing it. You invest a considerable amount in your data. You need to give equal emphasis to analyzing it and basing future actions on those findings. So, be willing to change that homepage based on its high bounce rate, the timing of your email campaigns that get ignored on Mondays, the video that no one watches to the end. Data can lead to wisdom. Use it to your benefit.

Best Social Channels for Business Aviation

Piedmont Airlines Recruitment Campaign

The pilot and technician shortage hit more than the business aviation industry. Regional commercial airlines also suffer from a sputtering flow of qualified potential candidates. With Boomers retiring and Millennial prospects choosing traditional, four-year institutions over pilot training, Piedmont Airlines knew they needed to up their recruitment game.

piedmont recruitment campaign assetsTo help Piedmont stand out as the best career option in the industry, we looked at the commercial airline career environment. Where were pilots online, and what were they doing? What does Piedmont’s competition looking like, and what were they offering?

We initiated a recruitment campaign strategy aimed at highlighting the airline’s key differentiators to a shrinking pool of pilots in a highly competitive space.

Piedmont’s Your Runway

Bold blue and red graphics, dramatic grayscale photography and straightforward calls to action made Piedmont’s recruitment campaign ads pop. Confident messaging proclaimed the regional airline’s advantages and dared applicants to find a better alternative.

With fresh creative in-hand, we launched Piedmont’s digital recruitment campaign across direct placements through aviation career sites as well as programmatic placements, which appeared to pilots where they were online – whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Awareness was key with our banner and 15-second video advertising. We then complemented the airline’s authentic social voice by boosting similar messaging on Facebook and LinkedIn to help researching pilots get a sense of their career path at Piedmont. Search ads completed our integrated strategy by collecting applicants already on the search for a new career.

Knowing pilots have a lot of career options and that the competition is thick, we needed to test our messaging and calls-to-action. We implemented A/B testing on our Apply Now and Learn More buttons and reviewed each ad message against delivery to the application portal. The results were fairly even, indicating the five creative messages we were running attracted pilots in both the research and ready-to-apply phases.

Recruitment Results

We developed benchmarks to determine how much monthly traffic we needed to get to the site and how many of those users needed to convert to the application in order to meet Piedmont’s overall new application goal.

Efforts paid off. More than 100,000 users saw our messaging in 2018, and 16.5 percent of those users clicked through the pilot application portal. Search advertising drove the most applications with 38 percent of users converting. Our campaign doubled monthly application goals in the first year for just $12 an applicant.

Where’s Your Workforce?

The aviation industry is staring at an immediate workforce shortage, made up of pilots, engineers, technicians, air traffic controllers and more. We know your industry also might be feeling the strain of searching for and attracting fewer and fewer qualified candidates.

Hire without a headhunter. Contact us.

Shining Light on Airbus in Wichita

Airbus wanted a fresh new way to let the Wichita community and region know about its strong presence in the city both from an employment and an innovation point of view.

Greteman Group took the opportunity to work with a challenging space, up in the soffits of the ceiling under the clerestory skylights at Wichita’s Eisenhower National Airport. We crafted our message highlighting multiple aircraft and drove home the fact that Wichita creates engineering and design for many of the products.

Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus Attracts Airbus Engineers

Airbus Americas Engineering has been a fixture in town for years, moving into a new building at Wichita State University in 2017. The company partners with local schools promoting STEM education, and its new home on WSU’s Innovation Campus positions it in a perfect place for recruitment of the best and brightest young minds.

The branding looks elegant and aspirational in unique spaces. The way the natural light hits the aircraft evokes a feeling of soaring through the sky. The perfect spot to catch one’s eye is also a memorable way to remind residents and travelers alike of the company’s work on the ground.

airbus wichita eisenhower national airport display wichita kansas


airbus wichita eisenhower national airport display wichita kansas