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Greteman Group Adds Brand Manager

Owning an aircraft with her pilot husband, Jill Plumb knows her way around aviation. As head of marketing for a regional fractional aircraft provider and an international aircraft broker, Plumb also knows what it’s like to be on the client side of an agency relationship. In joining Greteman Group as a brand manager, she brings all of that knowledge and experience to the aviation-focused marketing agency.

“Jill sees the big picture in terms of strategy development, project organization and measurable performance,” says Ashley Bowen Cook, president. “Her insights, coming from the client side of marketing, are invaluable to our entire team. She’s a great advocate for their interests and helps us produce creative and campaigns that move the needle.”

Her background in marketing began with a degree from Missouri State University, eventually leading her to head communications, marketing and managing customer service specialists at a Kansas City-based fractional aircraft ownership company that helps businesses and individuals with private aviation solutions.

She went on to head marketing and sales management for an international aircraft broker, building strategic domestic and international marketing initiatives with business aircraft owners and operators. Taking phone calls and responding to queries regardless of whether it was business hours in California or Asia.

“Working with this marketing partner, I’ve seen firsthand the impactful work that Greteman Group has delivered over the years,” said Plumb. “Joining this team is such a natural fit to help other brands realize those benefits.”

Plumb is a Spouse Forum member of Kansas City Young Presidents Organization and has been active in National Business Aviation Association and International Aircraft Dealers Association activities and events.

Be the Life of the Party on LinkedIn

It goes without saying that building a social media following from the ground up takes time, patience, and lots of consistency –  even when it comes to growing a LinkedIn Page for your company. How do you keep someone coming back to your page over and over again? What does it take to keep them engaged with your content? 

It all starts with dedication and strategy. 

But before you get too far into your efforts, it’s important to keep in mind that LinkedIn has a more professional atmosphere than the rest of the social media platforms. It’s built for networking and professional development, so think of it as an ongoing virtual networking event. 

With that in mind, let’s get to work on your LinkedIn presence:

Build a LinkedIn Business Page

To get started, create a LinkedIn Page that showcases your brand’s professional expertise and industry knowledge. Use your logo as your profile image and use a high-quality, branded image as a background image. Fill out all of the requested details so that when people visit your page, they can easily see what your company is all about. 


Once you’re up and running, regularly post informative and thought-provoking content that educates your target audience and positions your brand as a thought leader. Develop a solid mix of educational and relatable posts and even polls to encourage your audience to leave their feedback. 

One sure-fire way to build brand authority is to consistently write LinkedIn Pulse articles for your company page. Brainstorm topics that are interesting or even controversial in your industry and write about your stance on each subject. The more you tap into your company’s niche expertise to demonstrate the talent and experience that your company has to offer, the quicker you begin to truly show what sets your brand apart from the rest.  

In order to make sure you’re keeping up with your efforts, it helps to develop a content calendar for the upcoming month. This will help you see how often different topics are being discussed and where possible content gaps might be. It will also help with accountability and consistency.


To keep people coming back to your page, you must spend time acknowledging your followers by responding to comments and messages. When you regularly provide valuable conversations with the people who are engaging with your content, it shows that your company cares about getting to know their audience, in turn building trust around your brand. 

Recently, LinkedIn has made it possible for individuals to toggle between their personal and business profiles, allowing pages to interact with other pages and easily comment as your brand in relevant discussions. By taking advantage of this new feature, your LinkedIn Page could easily gain more visibility, and potentially new followers too.  

Don’t shy away from encouraging team members to like, comment on and share company posts. Team members can be excellent advocates for your brand, and the more they act as ambassadors for your page, the more legitimate your brand will appear to your developing audience.