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digital recruitment campaign

Piedmont Airlines Recruitment Campaign

Piedmont's recruitment campaign strategy highlighted the airline’s key differentiators to a shrinking pool of pilots in a highly competitive

connecting the dots between marketing tactics and sales goals

Connecting the Dots Between Marketing and Sales

We hear client and prospects say: "I just need someone to help connect the dots." What dots exactly? Marketing tactics to sales goals.

Ready for Mountain Time

Wichita's lack of an affordable direct flight to Denver changed in August 2018 when ltra-low-fare-carrier Frontier Airlines returned to ICT.


Marketers Prepare for GDPR

Personal data protections have marketers reaching for aspirin. Headaches mount as the enforcement date for GDPR approaches. Are you ready?

5 brand personalities

Shape Your Brand Personality

"Brand preference is inexorably linked with brand personality," says @soniagreteman.

Marketing SETP Requires Logic and Emotion

We’re fans of these multiuse workhorses. And, over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about marketing SETPs. They have their own niche.

Automation that Improves and Personalizes

Call us spoiled. All kinds of products endure an ever-compressed race to market. Never mind the modern marvel of...

Improve Your Small-Group Presentation Skills

Most of us will do many more small-group presentations in our life than standing in front of a large...

Driven by Data, Will Life Be Better with Bots?

Do you love or hate Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa? Do you find these personal, helpful resources, or not? Maybe both?

Look Ahead More Than Back

When charting your course, consider where you’ve been. But don’t dwell on those experiences. Bogging yourself down in what...

Activate Your Website Analytics

You sell a product. You have audiences to target. You want to know if you’re effectively reaching them and...

Business Aviation: Situationally Aware

Business aviation took a front-row seat in the Air Capital last Thursday. First at a Richard Aboulafia-led aerospace panel...

Deploying Creative Across Multiple Platforms

Let that campaign sing A strong bass drum is the booming and resounding beat of a marching band’s foundation....

Pump Life into Your Press Releases

Long live the press release. In spite of what you may have heard, it is not dead. Only ill...

One Is the Loneliest Number

Aviation gets the value of face-to-face interaction. We wouldn’t build and fly planes if we didn’t believe in the...

Greteman Group Brand Cinemagraph

Using Video in eMail

You know the advantages of video. But you keep bumping up against how to deploy it in your email...

Extend Your Media Coverage

Lots of news is being made and reported in Geneva this week. If you’re one of EBACE16’s newsmakers, ensure...

Recruiting Pilots When They Are In Short Supply

Executive AirShare (EAS) had a good problem. As the nation’s third-largest fractional operator, its growing fleet needed more pilots....

Discovery Process with Agency

Tap Into Planning’s Power

Something good happens when you bring people together. When you dedicate time to focus on your brand, objectives and...

B2B Buying Cycle Graphic

Back to B2B Buying-Cycle Basics

Every business needs a steady, dependable customer-pipeline flow. Whether you’re introducing a new aircraft or delivering a...

SmartSky Networks Turns to GG for Nationwide Rollout

Greteman Group has been engaged by SmartSky Networks to help spread the word about an upcoming revolution in air-to-ground...

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