Video Production That Tells Your Story

Visual storytelling engages like nothing else. Add GG-conceived and produced video and motion graphics to your tradeshow booth, website, ecard, social media, whatever – and people stick around. They’re also more likely to respond to your calls to action. To share your message with others. And to retain what you told them.

Video may be a visual medium, but that doesn’t mean we don’t pay equal attention to the ear. Sound design, audio transitions and music set the tone while serving the scene, the story and the brand. We experiment with different styles and tempos until we find a mix that makes the angels sing.

The Saint Francis Foundation – Pray Then Get Your Hands Dirty

Clay Lacy Aviation – The Man. The Legend. The Company.

Greteman Group Culture Video

Eisenhower National Airport – Easy Come Easy Go

FlightSafety International – Instructor Testimonial

Kansas State Fair – Blast Call – 2014-2016

Piedmont Airlines – Pilot Recruitment

Signature Flight Support – Gift of Travel

Bombardier – The Learjet Journey

Verus Bank – Home Loans from a Trusted Neighbor

The Saint Francis Foundation – Clover House

Volunteer Kansas – Come & Give It Campaign

Sonia Greteman Girl Scout Testimonial Video

Kansas Children’s Service League – Time-Tested Caring

Eisenhower National Airport – The Business Traveler

Eisenhower National Airport – Catch the Nonstop to Seattle

Do the Deed – Community Movement

FlightSafety International – Helicopter Training

Kansas State Fair – Never Gets Old 2012-2013

Signature Flight Support – Around the World

Kansas State Fair – Pick Up Some Bunnies 2007-2009

FlightSafety International – Instructors Make the Difference

Kansas State Fair – Raving Bulls/Sheep Thrills 2010-2011

Signature Flight Support – Winter Wonderland

Signature Status – Loyalty Program

Spirit AeroSystems – Recruitment Video

YMCA Work Out. Help Out.