Airbus wanted a fresh new way to let the Wichita community and region know about its strong presence in the city both from an employment and an innovation point of view.

Greteman Group took the opportunity to work with a challenging space, up in the soffits of the ceiling under the clerestory skylights at Wichita’s Eisenhower National Airport. We crafted our message highlighting multiple aircraft and drove home the fact that Wichita creates engineering and design for many of the products.

Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus Attracts Airbus Engineers

Airbus Americas Engineering has been a fixture in town for years, moving into a new building at Wichita State University in 2017. The company partners with local schools promoting STEM education, and its new home on WSU’s Innovation Campus positions it in a perfect place for recruitment of the best and brightest young minds.

The branding looks elegant and aspirational in unique spaces. The way the natural light hits the aircraft evokes a feeling of soaring through the sky. The perfect spot to catch one’s eye is also a memorable way to remind residents and travelers alike of the company’s work on the ground.

airbus wichita eisenhower national airport display wichita kansas


airbus wichita eisenhower national airport display wichita kansas