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GoCreate on WSU Innovation Campus Leverages University Branding

The Wichita State University Innovation Campus has a big bodacious mission. To change the face of the community through innovation. GoCreate, A Koch Collaborative, is a big part of that. It offers a 17,000-square-foot, world-class makerspace. And it’s outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment beyond the reach of many creatives. It welcomes all dreamers and doers.

You could call GoCreate a business incubator, a manufacturing plant or a design studio. And you would be right. Here, creative people of all ages and skill levels have access to sophisticated equipment and training, shared workspaces, expert advice and a supportive community of like-minded people.

GoCreate’s potential is limitless and world changing, a continuation of Wichita’s pioneering heritage.

Wichita State University
VP for research and technology transfer

Ideas Improve Lives, Change the World

We needed to encourage dreamers to bring their wild imaginings to GoCreate. To see this as a welcoming place for inventors, artists, engineers and entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds. One that offers space, tools, knowledge – and helping hands. An open innovation lab removes high cost barriers so aspiring entrepreneurs can build prototypes and begin to monetize business opportunities, stimulating economic growth in the region. When GoCreate opened in spring 2017 on the WSU Innovation Campus, we needed to bring the community together in an environment where ideas collide. And innovation finds a launch pad.


Doers and dreamers see this brand for what it is. A call to create.

Greteman Group
president and creative director

Moving Dreams to Action

We started with a dynamic logo and name that says exactly what we want people to do: GoCreate. It represents disparate elements coming together in an unexpected way. Interlocking to create something original and strong. For the state-of-the-art building we created monumental, can’t-miss-it, three-dimensional exterior signage and gritty, large-scale wall graphics for the entryway and various studios: 3-D printing, design, electronics, finishing, metal, wood, glass/plastic and textile. Inspirational messaging emphasizes that the idea is only the start. You must try, fail, repeat. Lend a hand and offer advice. Share space, thoughts and energy. Give it your all. We also put the code of conduct front and center.

GoCreate’s identity and branding advance its mission: bringing people and ideas together to spark innovation and growth.

GoCreate supporter

A Platform for Ongoing Innovation

This makerspace offers a new concept for our region and requires a bit of education. The responsive GoCreate website works well on mobile devices, a plus for people apt to be viewing it from a workshop or other non-office environments. Short, snappy calls to action throughout the site and video add personality and drive engagement. For the grand opening, we created a memorable, interactive invite that included composite pieces that could be fashioned into a multitude of shapes. It included a social media contest encouraging people to post their creations on Instagram with the hashtag #GoCreateWSU. The prize: six-month GoCreate memberships. The dynamic GoCreate brand is doing its job. Makers are flocking to this space.