Why are the holidays special? Sweet memories and funny traditions. Together our GG team shared our favorites – laughed at some odd ones – and collected fun ideas to make the season shine.

Coming together, we found the experiences we had, as kids or adults, left memories that lasted long after the batteries had quit running or the new socks had sprouted holes. We enjoyed hearing each other’s stories and wanted to encourage others to make their own memories.

Our creative team came up with mod illustrations and fun copy to deliver bite-size gifts to our clients and community all December. Through social media and short funky videos, we’re hoping others enjoy the season like we do.

For Marc, that’s going ice skating with friends and family. Can’t you just hear “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in the background as they carve out a figure eight?

Jen’s go-to tradition is brewing up a batch of mulled wine and grabbing the most comfortable seat on the couch. The perfect companion to the Christmas movie marathon to begin.

Lori, our singer, loves caroling by candlelight at the homes of others. Even if you can’t carry a tune like she can, it still makes spirits bright together.
Naturally, our stylish leader Sonia, suggested creating this season’s most fashionable snowwoman. Someone who stands out on the runway, or at least the front lawn.
Anita enjoys finding the cool shops and specialty stores near home. With her group, she shops local and shares together, having an inexpensive gift exchange under $15, that still supports Wichita businesses.
For Donna, making a gingerbread house with kids was a treasured holiday tradition. Sometimes the dream home just needs a little more frosting, a few more gumdrops.
Jennifer’s family makes their windows into a canvas, frosting the glass artistically with festive stencils and holiday scenes. Even if it’s not a snowy holiday, it can be a showy one.
Mrs. Claus? Nope. Kendall’s grandmother always dressed up as Santa Claus the night her family celebrated Christmas at her house. Getting into the costume got everyone into the spirit.
Cory’s family would drive to the source and find the perfect Christmas tree on a farm. Enjoying a hot chocolate and tractor ride while they were there was a priceless part of the process.
We love to tour the town and look at the lights. Our two Ashleys make time every year to find the best displays around the city. It’s OK to be riding in the pajamas for that.
Who loves to bake? Whether it is Josh enjoying Gram’s Pfeffernüsse – tasty German cookies – or Stephanie’s family coming together to bake homemade apple pies on Christmas Eve, we know why this is a sweet season for all of us. Of course, baking also means sharing, as creative Tasha designs cookie boxes to go with the sweet treats, ready to deliver to family and friends.
Finally, only Chaney could make sure we remembered the true meaning of “naughty or nice.” His family’s tradition involves a very not-for-the-kids Dirty Santa party, where risqué gifts are exchanged, embarrassment is enjoyed, and the laughs linger.

Whatever your traditions are, we hope you’ll try out some new ones and Make a Memory!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Greteman Group.