Heroes Academy director Kyle Ellison came to us with a challenge: implement a name change and brand transformation as bold and fresh as his new vision for the organization. Real Men, Real Heroes was in need of a serious update and Heroes Academy was born out of a changing mission.

Heros Academy has helped over 5,000 Wichita kids.

Finding Purpose – and a Path

The organization envisioned serving a broader, more diverse population including girls. They’ve helped over 5,000 Wichita kids and plan to help thousands more as Heroes Academy. To us, that’s heroic. And a mission easy to get behind.

Parents give the organization good grades – 92% say their child’s academic performance improved with mentoring. Kids grade it highly too:

  • 85% say Heroes Academy gives them a place to belong
  • 94% feel better about their futures

A Powerful Look for an Empowering Mission

This spirited, valiant crest logo captures the essence, imagination and forward momentum of an organization on the move. We built a clean, modern, easy-to-navigate website telling the organization’s story. Of in-school mentoring at Wichita schools where volunteers and staff provide counsel and caring for boys and girls who might not always get it. Of weekly gatherings where mentors and students eat together before going off to activities. Of enriching and world-expanding opportunities. That’s an empowering mission we’re glad to support.