Lovers of planes in general and of planes built in Wichita specifically, rejoice. Greteman Group has produced aviation socks highlighting some of the 100+ key models of the approximately 300,000 aircraft built here. Brightly colored aircraft silhouettes set against a dark gray background feature everything from single-seat, open-cockpit biplanes to transatlantic jumbo jets.

The agency created the custom Aero Sox as client birthday gifts, but it’s also making them available online at

aviation socks by greteman group

“We’ve designed lots of wearables, but these are the first for the foot,” says Sonia Greteman, agency president and creative director. “They definitely capture your attention and make you smile.”

The aviation socks come in men’s or women’s versions and are priced at $16. Combed cotton, spandex, nylon and elastic make them comfortable, washable and durable. The agency chose to have graphics woven directly into the fabric rather than being screenprinted on the surface for a higher quality final product. Designs are built on bitmaps, created pixel by pixel, and programmed into knitting machines that translate each pixel into a single stitch.

“If you live in or have a connection to the Air Capital, you want these socks,” says Greteman. “They make great giveaways for everyone with an eye to the sky – from pilots to passengers, airframe manufacturers to aviation suppliers. I’m betting they become your go-to pair.”