Data makes a strong case for using more video.

HubSpot tells us that adding it to a landing page can boost conversions by 80% – moving a visitor into a lead or a lead into a customer.

Search engines look for the longer page views it can generate.

Some stats show as much as 300% increase in click-throughs for video in emails. I know from experience that when I get an email from NBAA that includes an embedded video with President Ed Bolen, I’m much more inclined to give it my attention.

Put simply, it had me at the proverbial hello.

EPIC Fuels couldn’t do meet-and-greets because of the pandemic, so video grabbed attention for its coast-to-coast tour with aerobatic pilot Anthony Oshinuga.

Visually Authentic

Video delivers pure emotion, engaging our senses and connecting with us viscerally. Even the most compelling copy cannot compete with a video of a CEO (or front-line worker) saying the same thing. You trust what you see and hear. It implies greater authenticity, feels direct and immediate. There is no middle person crafting the message.

Okay, you and I know someone is shooting and editing the video, but it seems more credible, like the person is speaking directly to you.

Seeing Signature Renew’s trucks hauling sustainable aviation fuel suggests greener skies are on the way.

Visually Viral

Video establishes a foundation for you to build upon. Educating, informing and moving people to action.

Word of mouth from a trusted source remains a marketer’s holy grail. You can’t do much better than getting someone to endorse your product or service or even just to say – hey, look at this – to people within their spheres of influence. Video done right promotes that.

The vast majority of people who watch videos on their smartphones, also share them. You experience this yourself. If someone you know sends you one, you stop and watch.

Clay Lacy Aviation drives home why you should consider them for aircraft management, FBO, MRO and charter services.

Visually Engaging

Our increasingly short attention spans do better with the under-2-minute videos you find on social media. They grab our attention and focus it with easily digestible, immediately understandable snippets of information. Some are just 10 or 15 seconds long.

Our brains are simply wired to process visuals more quickly than words on a screen or page. Like 60,000 times faster. We remember video more, too.

Read a message; we remember 10%. View a video message; we recall 95%.

Due to COVID restrictions, North Dakota rolled out its UAS network – Vantis – at a virtual conference. Testimonials, motion graphics, illustration and live-action video combine to tell the impressive story.

Are you ready to double-down on video? Contact us, and let’s get visual.

This column first appeared in BlueSky Business Aviation News.