creative culture video producer barry owens

The Cameraman Doesn’t Lie

Most of us who carry a camera for a living tell a version of the same joke. “Relax,” we say. “You’re doing fine. Everyone is thrilled that the camera is pointing at you and not me.”

It’s never really funny, but it’s always true. It was told a time or two around the shop recently as Greteman Group team members bravely allowed themselves to be filmed going about their day. The result is a peek into the creative minds of our designers, web developer and digital strategist.

It’s not easy to make working on computers look interesting, yet these team members do compelling work and their passion comes through on screen. Day in and day out, they challenge themselves to think differently – even on the same project. That’s not easy to do, either. But that’s how discoveries are made.

A final note: It was shot in slow motion. These people work way faster than that.

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