You need a shiny lure to stand out in the social media stream. You have half-a-second to catch the eye of someone scrolling past you. You have three seconds, tops, to hook a viewer who has actually stopped to watch a video.

How do you do that? There is no silver bullet. But here’s our best advice: Be interesting. And be quick about it.

Here are more video marketing tips.

No Talking Heads

Studies show that most people watch social media video without sound. So interview-style content of people talking on camera is out. Try using B-roll footage of the subject instead and then use captions and graphics to tell the story. Transcribe the interview and put the best soundbites on screen.

Be Animated

Motion graphics and animation are fun to watch and can go a long way in telling a story. If you have the budget and the imagination, you can take your viewers anywhere. Or use them sparingly as transitions between live-action scenes to push out your message in a pleasing way.

Be Resourceful

Use every part of the video, including the text above and beneath, to get your message across. Treat your video title as a headline. Use the text space beneath for a call to action and link to your site.

Tell a Story

Think like a filmmaker and show don’t tell. Use action and scenes to illustrate your story. They’ll translate when done well, even without sound. You can add more context and depth by including text and graphics in the story.

Keep It Moving

Our eyes are attracted to movement. Keep your video moving and you’ll keep more eyes on it. Even text on screen can be made to move in interesting ways.

There are other platforms where a longer video with sound can do well. YouTube, for example, is where people go for the full video experience. So when planning a campaign, count on producing videos for different platforms using the same footage and message, but different techniques.

But when it comes to social media videos, think short. Think shiny. Think fast.