Do you need to find new prospects, get the word out about your latest product or refresh your brand? These five marketing strategies helped us and our clients connect with customers in the digital world in 2020. Pay attention as we go through these. They all have something very important in common.

Let’s take a look.

Start with Good Content

Publishing thought-leadership content on your website is the first step in crafting marketing strategies that work. Add keyword-driven articles to your blog to increase your organic search opportunities. Invest in case studies and whitepapers. Consider developing infographics and ebooks. Self-publishing allows you to share your knowledge and tell your story.

Activate Your Channels

“If you build it, they will come” isn’t a great approach to marketing strategies. You have to activate your channels. In 2020, when business aviation events and tradeshows were canceled due to the pandemic, one of our clients turned on the digital faucet and found a flood of rewards.

Global aircraft brokerage firm JetHQ ramped up its content development, released near monthly press releases and distributed both across advertising and social channels. This integrated approach drove more than awareness. We saw engagement spike across both owned and shared media channels.

Engage Your Audience

Speaking of engagement – social was a top performing media group for reaching customers in 2020. In fact, one client saw double- and triple-digit percentage growth across various social channels despite the pandemic.

Clay Lacy Aviation showcased its iconic brand across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Utilizing a beautifully executive social strategy, this industry leader enjoyed engagement from prospects, customers and reporters.

Power Up with PR

Public relations during a pandemic might sound like a daunting task – but not for EPIC Fuels. Our Reach for the Sky, We’ve Got the Ground campaign for this essential service provider took aerobatics pilot Anthony Oshinuga on a 6,000-nautical-mile, 18-day tour of EPIC Fuels’ FBO partners. Not only did we earn coverage in key aviation publications and on TV, but the campaign landing page also saw quadruple the industry average of time on site.

Fill Your Pipeline

FlightSafety International, the world’s premier flight training provider, needed to increase their online pipeline during the pandemic. No one could travel to train – and it would be hard to recommend in the enclosed space of a flight simulator. Instead, they used targeted ad and social campaigns to promote their eLearning and instructor-led LiveLearning online training alternatives. The campaign saw a 20% average conversion rate.

Each of our clients developed campaigns and content across their own channels and distributed them throughout the digital realm – reaping rewards of impressions and engagement during a downturn in the industry.

Oh, and were you paying attention? What was it that they all had in common? We’ll give you three guesses.