The aviation community actively shares on social media platforms. Just search Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for hashtags like #avgeek, #bizav and #instaaviation. Companies with an active social presence have many reasons to capture their audiences’ attention: community engagement, pilot recruitment, sales, you name it.

social media marketing strategy audience growth results

That’s why social media marketing was top of mind for Clay Lacy Aviation when they named Greteman Group agency of record. They wanted to elevate their organic outreach and generate engagement across their four core services: aircraft management, charter, FBO and maintenance.

We worked closely with the in-house marketing team to develop and implement an organic social media marketing strategy to activate an audience of nearly 16,500 users — and then grow it by 13.51% in six months.

Setting the Stage for Social

The Clay Lacy Aviation brand, name and presence are more than 52 years strong with a laundry list of industry firsts. They were early adopters of social media, creating active accounts as each new social network took center stage.

An in-house marketing team stretched for time limited the company’s ability to remain active across its social networks with a consistent brand voice and style. That’s where we came in.

social style guide

Social Style Guide

We developed guidelines that outline how to say what where. Specifications for graphics, photography and video incorporate their well-established brand and service areas.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Aviation audiences vary channel to channel. We developed distinct social personas, objectives and tactics for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

content marketing process for social media marketing strategy

Process Driven Content Marketing

Clay Lacy Aviation’s well of content is almost bottomless. Fifty years of collecting experiences, photos and stories make for a content creator’s dream library. So much content, though, can be daunting. We put a process in place for collecting, creating and distributing it across social media for maximum efficiency.

Targeted Campaigns to Attract New Audiences

The company opened a charter location serving the northeastern U.S. and needed to increase awareness with potential customers. We launched an inclusive campaign, complete with digital advertising, influencer collaboration, Northeast-specific blog content and owned media outreach.

Dedicated Landing Page and Email Drip Campaign

social media marketing strategy drives targeted landing page visits

Social Marketing Videos

Social Graphics That Tell Stories

Social Media Marketing Strategy Drives Results

Our social media marketing strategy for Clay Lacy Aviation continues to drive measurable results for awareness, engagement and — most importantly — lead generation.

Quarter over quarter, we saw a nearly 5% increase in engagement and 61% in traffic to the website. New leads generated from social saw a benchmark-breaking 86% increase.

Looking to grow your own audience, increase engagement or drive more social leads? We can help apply a dedicated strategy and proven process to your efforts. Contact us.