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Building a Better Website with Our Custom CMS

FlightSafety’s reimagined website, built in our custom CMS, incorporates input from stakeholders around the globe, gathered through a robust prototyping phase. Basecamp served as our collaborative project management tool where we worked through everything from information hierarchy to micro-interactions. Responsive design means the site works beautifully across multiple platforms while future content updates can be made directly in the CMS through our easy-to-use WordPress theme. A powerful search function and Google Translate ensure people can find the details they need. Quickly.


Dynamic, Scalable Custom CMS Delivers the Goods

The site creates a better experience for both the customer and FlightSafety’s team. By integrating the former PDF brochures from the Information and Resource Center, course content is available to search engines and easily sharable through email or social media. FlightSafety’s team is able to create new landing pages and update content on the fly in response to changing training needs. More importantly, the site is equipped with tracking metrics to keep an eye on user behavior against course scheduling conversions. Since launch, the website sees more than 700,000 course searches across the multitude of training programs it offers and achieves an average 14% conversion rate for those booking online.


During Pandemic, Pivoting to Online Training

The need to increase online training during the 2020 global coronavirus pandemic spurred targeted campaigns promoting FlightSafety’s eLearning and instructor-led LiveLearning online alternatives. Videos, static and rich-media ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn prompt prospective customers to consider these train-from-anywhere options. Customers can choose from among 100 eLearning and LiveLearning courses, or have FlightSafety customize online training solutions for their entire flight operations. eLearning’s online ground school training teaches the theory of flight dynamics at the student’s own pace rather than in a classroom.