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JetHQ's Digital Transformation

JetHQ offers many brokerage and consulting services to clients around the world. Primarily, though, its team of experienced aircraft sales professionals connects sellers with qualified buyers worldwide. Greteman Group helped reimagine its brand and online presence to make it clear that JetHQ serves as its clients’ aviation headquarters with expertise and inventory. JetHQ has the know-how to sell aircraft anywhere in the world – and their digital transformation shows it.

It has the inventory management and functionality we needed on the backend, and an easy-to-use, striking site we wanted on the front.

VP marketing & sales management

Shining a Spotlight on Inventory

Buying an aircraft is no small commitment. Prospects want to know what’s available, and then drill down to the nitty-gritty. JetHQ’s site prominently showcases the diverse aircraft lineup conveniently at a glance. At a swipe, owners can picture their next plane in their fleet, then tap for all the specs and data any operations team needs. Mobile, tablet or desktop – the aircraft shine.


Elevating Content and Appearance

The new site shows off JetHQ’s worldwide experience on every page. A redesigned and sophisticated brand impresses JetHQ’s global abilities and an expanded color palette represents its best-in-class service. Sleek icons instantly communicate myriad brokerage, consulting and unique services. Enhanced bios tell the interesting stories of a team that knows the ins and outs of aviation. Short, compelling calls-to-action prompt users to make a connection. JetHQ’s experts in Dubai, Europe or North America will do the rest.


Driving the Right Audience

Delivering prospects to the website is no accident. Start with compelling videos and social media content, then carefully target and retarget prospective users. Fun, dynamic infographics highlight JetHQ’s capabilities, bringing in the ultra-high net-worth individuals who are in the aircraft market. Analyzing the data, we pinpointed the campaign to the specific global locations, matching would-be buyers with brokers, and could-be sellers with JetHQ experts. Since the campaign began, organic search has increased significantly, and engaged users are searching through the aircraft inventory, bringing leads to fuel JetHQ’s sale funnel.