You identified a marketplace need. Conducted feasibility studies. Researched the competition. Developed your unique value proposition. Prepared your sales directors. Defined your benchmarks for success. Secured the necessary trademarks and staked out your intellectual property. Tested your product or service – and perfected it. In short, you’ve laid the necessary groundwork for launch.

Before takeoff, though, ensure you’re maximizing every tactic you need for a successful launch in our Marketing Product Launch Checklist.

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Set Your Strategy

Nothing comes from nothing. Develop an integrated marketing strategy that sets your product launch on a clear trajectory.

  • Address each of your channels, including advertising, blogs and press releases, social posts and your website – to name a few.
  • Allocate a budget and determine your expected ROI.
  • Prepare your assets, such as the ads, photos and videos you’ll need to activate your tactics.

Every marketing product launch strategy should also have a contingency plan that prepare you to pivot if something unforeseen happens – like a competitor with a similar product coming to market first.

Gather the Team

Activate both internal and external stakeholders, such as the CEO, beta testers, the media and potential influencers.

  • Pitch your offering and an interview with spokespeople to the media – or invite them along for a demo.
  • Tap into early adopters – your beta customer group – to get first-hand experience content.
  • Your CEO can help generate attention by being actively involved in the launch.

Tell Your Story

Deploy your brand story and how this new product or service advances it – and why prospective customers should buy in – across your channels.

  • Capture attention with clear, compelling copy and strong visuals in all of your assets.
  • Explain the benefits of your product or service. Prove why it’s needed.
  • Let your target audiences know when and how to buy – and how much it costs.

Pick Up Momentum

Strategy outlined? Check. The team’s together? Check. Key messaging? Check – you’re ready for launch.

Keep up the velocity after launch with these tactics:

  • Attend relevant industry events and tradeshows.
  • Host an event, whether safely in-person or virtually.
  • Participate in community and industry panel discussions.
  • Run a social media contest.
  • Set up a loyalty program, if appropriate.
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Developing, launching and securing adoption of a product demonstrates innovation and leadership – but only if you do it right. Are you ready to go for it? Give us a call.