Other than the air we breathe, nothing’s as vital as the water we drink. So when we had the opportunity to join the Wichita Water Partners team as its boots-on-the-ground, Wichita-based communications team member, we dove in. The new water treatment facility – the city’s largest-ever project – will replace the city’s existing 80-year-old plant. The project begins in earnest with a groundbreaking this spring. Plant completion is scheduled for early 2025.

We worked with Burns & McDonnell’s local and Kansas City-based team members in setting up one-on-one sessions with community and business leaders; developing outreach plans and press releases; creating branding, messaging and communication tools; launching a website and social channels; and shooting video testimonials. Greteman Group’s 30-year-history in the community helped as we leveraged our relationships and reputation to help allay concerns that Wichita had the right partner on board.

Wichita Water Works serves as a positive, confidence-inspiring statement. It reinforces that Wichita can trust its water supply to be safe and reliable for support both citizens and industries.

The content-managed, responsive site provides a platform for project details, staying up to date – and submitting questions or concerns.

Wichita Water Partners emphasized the local nature of its bid. Testimonial videos put a face to the partners and remind the public that these are people they know and trust – and who have served the community for years. And in some cases, for generations.

wichita water partners timeline

A looming question for a project of this size is how we’re going to pay for it. Infographics simplify the complexity of both federal and state long-term, low-cost loans. Once people see we have 20 and 35 years to pay off loans with 2% interest rates, it helps put their minds at ease.

Bold animations draw attention to key messages on the website and encourage sharing on social media.

Keeping the Community In the Know

Wichita Water Partners locked in its maximum price at $494.2 million. The plant will be built over the next four years. There will be lots of scrutiny, as there should be. As always, we will work to be proactive and truthful in all our communications. We’ll be there for the team. And the community.