Brad Hatt’s an aviation lifer. The type of person who began changing oil and flying planes as a teenager and then grew into the leader who managed Beechcraft’s business unit worth $2 billion in sales. He hasn’t rested on his laurels, though.

He’s continued living and breathing aviation with his partners at Hatt & Associates, a global aircraft sales company. While the company has helped clients achieve their aviation goals, its website lagged behind its team’s skill set. Hatt & Associates came to Greteman Group looking for a redeveloped site that highlighted their experience and connections, while showcasing the reason they’re all in this business – the aircraft.

We worked with the Hatt team to get to the essence of what makes them special: expertise and passion. Throughout the redesigned site, we told the team’s story through content and visuals. Immediately on the homepage, we shared Hatt & Associates’ bona fides as part of a three-generation legacy that has aviation as its lifeblood, with a network of experience to assist. They look out for their clients and it shows.

The Info Clients Need

Concise copy and elegant, modern design outline Hatt’s extensive range of services. The site doesn’t waste any time showing off the available aircraft inventory to potential buyers, allowing them to easily swipe through planes, without having to go through multiple pages. Background visuals and texturing reinforce the elegance of corporate aviation, and how it facilitates lifestyle and business opportunities.

We introduced compelling calls to action and the ability to chat with team members. Before leaving the homepage, we gave the user ways to access Hatt’s thought leadership. Those insights into the aviation marketplace provide SEO-rich ways to always be reaching the right audience. Whether it’s an update on supply chain disruptions or what an owner needs to know about upgrades on an older aircraft, Hatt & Associates is giving clients the information they can use to make smart financial decisions.

Throughout the site, we made back-end decisions to maximize lead generation without sacrificing user experience. Smart micro-interactions give users an intuitive interface and easy way to connect to the product and services they’re looking for.

Elegance and Functionality

On the aircraft inventory pages, we developed easier-to-use designs and functionality that gives prospects pertinent info without layering on extraneous specifications or photos. Each plane makes an impact on its own. We added a way for prospects to get even more aircraft information while allowing the Hatt team to manage important sales leads.

Hatt’s leadership bios highlight the personality of its team, with striking facts at a glance to show why they’re in the business they’re in. Jayson Hatt, like his dad, soloed as a teenager, while partner Tyler Bowron took his first flight at 7 in an open cockpit biplane. It’s not what you get from a cold, corporate group. These guys know their stuff and why we love flying.

Striking photography of the team at its Colorado base display the present and future of Hatt & Associates. Vintage photos of Brad’s father flying dignitaries such as President Truman connect to its rich legacy.

Hatt & Associates enters a new era with a new website. One that’s clean and sophisticated, authoritative and inviting. It shows why this group is fully your aircraft advocates.