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Check out our latest blog posts, enews, media coverage and regular AltitudeAttitude column in BlueSky Business Aviation News. Something’s always cooking. Whether we’re sharing insights on a recent aviation trade show, unveiling a creative campaign or offering marketing how-to’s, we hope you’ll find news you can use.

Rick Steves Schooled Me on Customer Service

05.18.17 • Sonia Greteman

Anyone who has ever attended the delivery of a new corporate jet or been part of the wining and dining rampant at the major tradeshows knows that business aviation understands and values the importance of relationships. But I must say that my recent two weeks in Sicily on a Rick Steves tour made me see...

Give Your Presentation Life: First Kill Your PowerPoint

04.17.17 • Ashley Bowen Cook

Serial entrepreneur Kenny Dichter brought more than his fiery brand of entrepreneurial evangelism to the Wichita Aero Club’s April meeting. He also presented a flesh-and-blood reminder that the best presentations maximize storytelling and connection. They also restrict visual aides to a critical few. And definitely do not include reading from a PowerPoint. The Wheels Up...

Welcome to a Drone-Filled World

04.06.17 • Deanna Harms

The future can terrify or thrill. Fortunately, the vision set forth at the March meeting of the Wichita Aero Club did more of the latter. Speakers Ben Marcus and Bob Brock proselytized about the wonders already here and others yet to come in the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry. The change, they said, will be...

NBAA Regional Forum: The Family Comes Together

03.30.17 • Sonia Greteman

Old friends and Kansas-like, blow-you-over winds made us feel right at home at the NBAA Regional Forum in Fort Worth last week. So did all the talk about the value of business aviation. We live it daily in the Air Capital. Keep Public Skies Public Air traffic control (ATC) privatization generated significant buzz from both...

Workplace Wellness Lowers Healthcare Costs, Boosts Productivity

03.21.17 • Sonia Greteman

Pardon me while I jump on my wellness soapbox. Our agency just celebrated 10 years of working with the Wichita YMCA’s corporate wellness team, and it’s making a difference. Our pocketbooks certainly feel more fit. Our health insurance premiums just went down 15%, which is almost unheard of. That makes us want to kick up...

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