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Check out our latest blog posts, enews, media coverage and regular AltitudeAttitude column in BlueSky Business Aviation News. Something’s always cooking. Whether we’re sharing insights on a recent aviation trade show, unveiling a creative campaign or offering marketing how-to’s, we hope you’ll find news you can use.

Because Content Rules, CMS Rocks

02.16.17 • Heather New

People come to your website to learn something. About your services. Your pricing. Your people. You name it. That’s why it’s such a good idea to have a website based on a content management system. A CMS puts content under your control. That is a very good thing. Before we talk more about why you...

A Breath of Fresh AIR

02.09.17 • Sonia Greteman

A pop of pink. The promise of spring. Cherry blossoms in full bloom. The latest issue of Eisenhower AIR plants bright ideas for a spring break getaway to DC. Fun ideas for Valentine’s Day and tips for summer vacations chase away the stale grays of winter and remind readers it’s never too early to think...

Super Bowl Ads: The Funny and the Flops

02.07.17 • Josh Wood

Everything about Super Bowl advertising continues to get bigger and bolder. Thankfully for us in marketing, that means a larger window of exposure for the ads, as well. When the ads are this big, this expensive and this inventive, why should companies only save them for the game on Sunday? With a full queue of...

Picture Perfect: A Career in the Clouds

02.02.17 • Ashley Bowen Cook

People in business aviation are so lucky. Not only do they get to manufacture, market, sell and fly amazing aircraft; they get to work with some of the best people on the planet. The Wichita Aero Club gala is always a special evening for the Air Capital of the World. We come together to celebrate...

Solid Vision

01.30.17 • Sonia Greteman

A change-agent product and machine-design firm recently opened its doors in Wichita. As a business owner and community champion, I couldn’t be happier. Solid Design Solutions develops concepts and brings ideas to life through smart innovation, creativity, machine design and expertise in delivering products to market. Watch for great things. Solid CEO and President Pete...

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