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Truly Treated Like a King

How do you convey true top-tier service when everyone stakes the same claim? For King Aerospace’s 25th-anniversary, we focused on the actions behind the words. That meant a focus on its culture and people. Video shoots and team interviews at its home office in Dallas and MRO facility in Ardmore, Okla., became the inspiration for a testimonial series that tells the story from the perspective of those on the front lines. These videos stand out for their credibility and authenticity. No scripts here. Just heartfelt truth. The first culture video of this series reached 4,454 people on King’s social channels, earning the most engagement the channels had received in months.

Having a marketing partner who always has our back lets us focus on business.

Jarid King
King Aerospace Companies

Preparing for the Spotlight

Before launching the campaign, we ensured the brand was ready for prime time by implementing integrated aviation marketing strategies. A landing page served to communicate King’s points of difference and highlight both the government and commercial divisions. Actions were clearly defined and easily taken. The most popular action was the click-to-call function using a trackable number, resulting in 77 calls coming in through the new landing page. The microsite served as a transition strategy to a new integrated site that launched first quarter of 2019.


The new site brings together three standalone websites, positioning King Aerospace more holistically and impressively. A strong recruitment message makes the point that this is a vibrant, growing business with an ongoing need for top talent. Latest news, upcoming events and blogs are featured on the homepage, keeping the site fresh. Client testimonials, team member videos and calls-to-action throughout the site increase engagement. Greater details on services and new photography help prospective customers understand King Aerospace’s comprehensive offerings. Every interaction across the site can be tracked and measured against company goals.

King's Integrated Aviation Marketing Strategy

Earned, shared, owned and paid media efforts were revamped and streamlined. Newly integrated social media channels create a platform to tell King’s story in a more holistic, organic way. A social content calendar keeps outreach consistent and strategic. Traffic from social channels increased more than 7,000 percent year-over-year with the launch of the 25th anniversary campaign. Robust public relations and frequent news releases reintroduced the brand to key editors and reporters, earning 10 media mentions in Q4 2018 for an estimated audience of 816,904. Targeted print and digital ads, event geofencing, updated collateral and regular email outreach make the point that whether you’re a client of the corporate or military/government divisions – you get the royal treatment.


Keeping Close to Customers

Following King Aerospace’s big anniversary year, we’ve helped grow communications to include the monthly, digital King News. It showcases services, introduces team members, shares contracts won and includes Jerry King’s always-popular JAKE’s Blog. King team members attend a number of conventions every year. We especially like the coaster-like invite created for a NBAA-BACE 2019 offsite event. The King may have left the building, but this sure makes you want to join him at the bar.

You met my expectations of maintaining an integrated and coordinated plan and made it painless to create and maintain.

Jerry King-Echevarria
King Aerospace Companies
founder and chairman