When You’re Ready to Rise

Bumper-to-bumper Midtown traffic. Crawling on the Expressway. Stuck in the Tunnel. Associated Aircraft Group knows you have better places to spend time. This NY-based helicopter charter and ownership services provider transports busy execs point-to-point. Safely. Privately. On your schedule. Zip from Manhattan to Teterboro in 10 minutes. Fly to DC from New York in 90. In short, transform your travels.

Attracting People on the Go

The new responsive website – FlyAAG.com – works great on mobile – perfect for the executive on the go. Robust search engine optimization (SEO) and search advertising help steer the right people to appropriate content. Calls to action with short online forms help deliver answers to your questions, usually within the hour. And, they provide AAG with an important new lead-generation tool. This win-win’s working well for both AAG and prospective customers.


The Case for Point-to-Point Flight

The site uses a combination of visuals and copy that showcase AAG as a premier flight solution for air travel throughout the northeast U.S. corridor. Since AAG flies Sikorsky helicopters exclusively and has 25+ years’ experience with this leading rotorcraft, you fly with peace of mind. As a Sikorsky Authorized Service Center and proven professional aircraft management provider, AAG ensures your S-76 operates at the highest level. The site makes it easy to see whether AAG’s charter, fractional or charter card works best for you. Check them out.