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MRO Brand Identity and Engine Overhaul Marketing

Early in 2013, Dallas Airmotive’s new CEO wanted to shake things up, starting with a new MRO brand identity for this 75-year-old company. We had years of experience working with them. Helping make their website more robust, adding analytics, leveraging SEO and improving the user experience through design and content. Providing guidance to build their social media program. And bringing marketing materials into strong alignment. We knew the company, its customers and the unique challenges of a marketplace where an engine only needs rebuilding once in its lifetime.

We’ve worked together for 15 years, and through that time we’ve built brands that have taken flight. You’re there when we need you. Right from the start.

Dallas Airmotive, 2014
engine-repair-overhaul-companies-brochure copy

Giving New Life to a Legendary Brand

We designed a powerful new logo based on the ancient story of the phoenix – the mythological bird that regenerates again and again. The logo’s circular turbine shape transforms into the head of a phoenix, signifying an engine’s rebirth. The new tagline reinforced Dallas Airmotive’s competitive positioning, true since its earliest days: “Right from the start. There when you need us.”

The new energized philosophy rolled out to their internal team first with an event, brand manifesto and wearables. An email and direct mail shared the changes with customers. An in-the-field photoshoot, using the magic light found only at dawn and dusk, made the engines and the guys working on them shine like stars.

A dynamic, responsive website design made it easy to request turbine repair whether customers were at their desk or in the field. Here-to-help copy built a compelling narrative to communicate the unique customer connection Dallas Airmotive has. Everything from vehicle signage to logoed apparel communicated a leadership, do-it-right approach.


Showing Rather Than Telling

The rebranding was followed by a dramatic shift in the marketing approach. Dallas Airmotive’s visionary CEO challenged his team to put its expertise on display by rebuilding an engine on the NBAA 2014 convention floor in front of everybody. A feat no one had ever undertaken. One month out from the show, Dallas Airmotive developed a mobile, mini turbine repair and overhaul shop that would set the stage for the three-day rebuild.

Within a highly compressed timeframe, we created an ad campaign as bold as the initiative. Attention-getting, full-page ads in the NBAA dailies declared, “Others Talk, We Torque,” encouraging customers to come by and cheer on the rebuild. Signage beaconed people to the booth, while capturing the action in a time-lapse video. A wildly successful social media push leveraged the #ThrilloftheBuild hashtag for following the team’s progress.


Putting Expertise Front and Center

The rebuild delivered big time. We didn’t just say the company was authorized to service two-thirds of the engines used in the world’s helicopter fleet. The campaign demonstrated the team’s get-it-done expertise.
• The media took note, writing articles and commenting through social media.
• Show attendees stopped and watched – and generated buzz about what they saw.
• T-shirts quickly disappeared, prompting Dallas Airmotive to immediately print more.
• The internal teambuilding and pride led to another rebuild at Heli-Expo.

The reimagined brand continues to present a dynamic, legacy company proud of its heritage, but moving beyond the past to a bolder, bigger industry presence. Developing industry-leading programs. Bringing AOG services directly to customers – anytime and anywhere. First on the ground, getting aircraft back in the air. We’re proud of what we accomplished for Dallas Airmotive.