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Flight Training Marketing Showcases the FlightSafety Advantage

FlightSafety International stands apart as the world’s premier aviation flight training organization. Pilot training is huge – but it doesn’t stop there. Think maintenance technicians, cabin attendants, schedulers and dispatchers. And the very training technology used. The company designs and manufactures full flight simulators for civil and military aircraft programs and operates the world’s largest fleet of these. Marketing FlightSafety’s comprehensive range of products and services requires expertise and knowledge developed over a nearly 20-year relationship. Our long-standing FlightSafety team has decades of experience and worked with every CEO since the company’s founding in 1951.

The team at Greteman Group is fantastic to work with in achieving our shared objectives. They always deliver.

FlightSafety International
Digital Marketing Manager

Incorporating a New Look Online

Several years ago, we reimagined the complicated FlightSafety website with clean-sheet thinking. Working across several continents with key stakeholders we streamlined the user experience and created a more informative and accessible site. When FlightSafety rolled out fresh branding, it needed help to introduce the new look and content online. We transformed hundreds of webpages to reflect these significant changes, all while keeping functionality at a premium. Updated copy, images and headlines made a splash, while keeping user experience high. Customers rack up hundreds of thousands of course searches, while the website achieves an average 14% conversion rate for those booking online.


Reaching Customers Where They Are

Capturing the attention of today’s aviation professionals required new thinking and a coordinated media strategy. We created a comprehensive advertising plan for FlightSafety to pivot a majority of its marketing resources to digital from traditionally print-focused publications. We implemented media and ad buys targeted to the exact audiences FlightSafety sought. All with trackable metrics to ensure return for the company’s investment.

Sharing FlightSafety’s Compelling Stories

One way to reach prospects is to influence the stories they’re reading. We coordinated native articles in industry publications where FlightSafety innovations are front and center, providing longform content about the training technology and advancements customers are interested in. Each article highlights advancements such as virtual reality, flight-data-use training or reality replication. The topics dive deep to highlight what’s new and what separates FlightSafety from the rest. Crafted organic social media posts support efforts to get the message out.