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Lead Generation Strategies Built into the Website

Our clean-sheet website for Executive AirShare emphasizes this fractional leader’s key differentiator. Information-rich charts let prospects see the value proposition of days vs. hours at a glance. Can’t-look-away photos of its state-of-the-art fleet appeal to high-net-worth business owners, who do an average of 20 hours of online research before ever picking up the phone. Infographics simplify complicated concepts and guide readers through the buying cycle. Compelling case studies provide the ultimate word-of-mouth referral from one business person to another. We tell the stories of dedicated pilots and crew, highlighting a level of service that’s standard for Executive AirShare, but absent from the bigger outfits. Results prove the soundness of our lead generation strategies. Website traffic increased 83% year over year and time on site shot up 50%.


Business or Pleasure

Executive AirShare offers a private air travel plan that’ll work for you no matter why you’re taking to the skies. Advertisements running across print, programmatic, video and social channels showcase the private aviation benefits to both business and personal travel: productivity for your team and getting home to what matters most.


When In Doubt, Ask

Executive AirShare’s online travel assessment, one of its onsite lead generation strategies, helps B2B leaders find just the right travel solution – whether that’s their charter service or the unique day-based fractional ownership operation the company is known for. The lead generation form asks four simple questions about your travel practice. Drop-downs make it easy (and fast) to answer and for the fractional company to evaluate. A direct Salesforce integration and a 10-minute, follow-up phone call ensure personalized, spot-on travel assessment, so everyone wins.


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