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Fractional Aircraft Ownership Branding for Executive AirShare

Executive AirShare’s strengths in the fractional aircraft market are plentiful. A model based on operational centers that nimbly accommodates customers’ needs. A unique day-based business model that allows shareowners to maximize their investment. But those advantages couldn’t shine through with an outdated brand. It was time for a change.

In 2015, Executive AirShare looked for an aviation-focused agency to make drastic changes to the marketing. An agency that knew aircraft, how to speak to the high net-worth target market and the pilot population. Industry experts who regularly attended NBAA-BACE and have established relationships with influential publications to increase the brand’s reach and exposure. Executive AirShare’s marketing needed a team to share its grassroots, heartland story in a way that resonated with the target market.

Greteman Group brings marketing savvy and a reputation for aviation expertise that’s well-earned.

Executive AirShare
former VP of marketing and customer experience

Leveraging Our Fractional, Jet Card and Charter Experience

After a communications audit with Executive AirShare’s management and marketing team, we worked to identify and craft compelling messaging. We discovered what customers especially love about the company – its flexibility and service. We knew the entrepreneurial story of an upstart company taking on the industry big boys resonated with a base of clients who value business, but love family.

High-net-worth individuals spend an average of 20 hours researching online before picking up the phone.


Telling This Fractional Leader’s Compelling Story

Our mix of photography, infographics, maps, modernized palette and fonts created a cohesive vision that elevates the brand. Our digital team’s deep research into the website’s analytics and performance revealed pitfalls and missed opportunities. Navigation was confusing. Poor mobile responsiveness and a lack of optimized search terms for the fractional market, generated few new leads. Our developers crafted a strategy for the website to fully pull its weight. To become a lead generator and active marketer.


Answering a Need for Reliable, Safe, Affordable Air Travel

Robust messaging proudly promoted Executive AirShare’s status as the nation’s third-largest fractional provider – a company that not only competes with larger organizations, but out-delivers them. A hungry company that continued to grow while others in the market shrank. Targeted digital campaigns, email and engaging social strategies put Executive AirShare in front of key decision-makers. Highly focused direct mail to key cities in the nation’s midsection and direct digital media drove prospects to specific landing pages. Intimate customer events, such as one with World Golf Hall of Famer and shareowner Tom Watson, added to the experience and personal touch the company provides. The campaign delivered on Executive AirShare’s promise – excellence without sacrificing economy.


The real reason I switched to Executive AirShare is economics. It saves you money and provides efficiency without downgrading safety or service.

PGA Tour golfer
EAS shareowner

They are great at making a game plan so the trip can be successful, and we can get a win out of the trip.

Wichita State University coach
EAS shareowner

Executive AirShare has a compelling message. Win the ball, the business and the day. You don't have to be a coach to want to get there first.

Greteman Group
chair of board/creative director

Making a Clear Case Over the Competition

A focus on the Executive AirShare’s key differentiator flowed through a complete brand refresh and total website revamp. With information-rich charts and appealing visuals, prospects saw at a glance the value proposition of days vs. hours. Sleek photos and crisp infographics of the young, advanced fleet appealed to high net-worth business owners, who do an average of 20 hours of online research before ever picking up the phone. Compelling case studies provided the ultimate word-of-mouth referral from one business person to another. We told the stories of dedicated pilots and crew, highlighting a level of service that’s standard for Executive AirShare, but absent from the bigger outfits.