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Aviation Website Design Showcases Leadership

Aviation Partners stands apart as a leader in advanced winglet technology. Founder, CEO and aviation legend Joe Clark sought efficiencies to keep aviation on the cutting edge of green technology. NASA dreamed up the winglet in the 1960s and, in the early 90’s, Clark improved on the design. His patented blended winglet cuts drag and greatly improves fuel efficiency. It just needed a modern website that reflected its marketplace leadership, entrepreneurial reputation and the level of aircraft it serves: primarily the Hawker, Falcon and Boeing BBJ. We were tasked with deploying our understanding of both site design and business aviation to develop a website that appeals to directors of maintenance, chief pilots, high-net-worth individuals, aviation media and more.

We’ve never had a website deliver so much qualified traffic and engagement.

Aviation Partners
VP sales and marketing

Keeping the User (Always) In Mind

Our website design intake form and client conversations led to our strategy, goals and recommendations. Our analytics review showcased opportunities for growing leads, improving functionality and creating an overall better visitor experience. The subsequent, highly collaborative prototype phase, led to a comprehensive interactive blueprint for designers and programmers to follow. Given Aviation Partners sophisticated, tech-savvy and highly mobile target audience, we started with the mobile user experience (UX) in mind.


Smart Technology Needs a Savvy Showcase

Through our website design process, we worked together to create a path for the user to quickly and easily contact Aviation Partners – whether through a form or a call – to start genuine conversations about its product. Enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) and copy communicate such key winglet benefits as increased range, enhanced aesthetics and greater resale value. We designed and programed the website using responsive design techniques so the site works equally well on any device. Our custom content management system (CMS) makes it easy for Aviation Partners to make updates themselves. Analytics help adjust areas with high bounce rates or that may be getting missed. A homepage video banner engages users and increases time on site. Since launch, organic search traffic makes up half of all visitors, average time on site increased almost 30% and the contact form is used daily.