SmartSky Networks’ revolutionary air-to-ground (ATG) network offers reliable inflight Wi-Fi to an airspace clogged by high cost, slow return satellite options. SmartSky needed an innovative integrated marketing campaign to communicate the benefits of its network for both business and commercial aviation – and to highlight the disruptive company transforming inflight connectivity.

technology marketing advertising campaign

Putting User Experience in the Window Seat

Passengers see themselves experiencing SmartSky’s inflight connectivity solution in the campaign’s clean, modern creative. Aircraft-window-shaped openings showcase passengers communicating with colleagues, family and gamers on the ground. A full-strength Wi-Fi symbol in the clouds unites them, signaling their strong connection. Bold headlines and active copy highlight the benefits of low latency, a strong return link and secure, single-beam-per-aircraft technology. All create a user experience that’s the same at 32,000 feet as it is at home.

Marketing an Industry-Changing Technology

Our messaging avoids being boring and too technical. Instead of trying to explain complex engineering equations, we let the technology tell the story. Clear infographics showcase SmartSky’s beamforming technology, and short explainer videos make such key concepts as latency easy to understand.

SmartSky facilitates air-to-ground communication, high-speed data transfer and real-time gaming. In business aviation that plays out from the boardroom to the corporate jet. For commercial travelers, you see it from the last-minute commercial flight to the kitchen table at home.

Pitching Targeted Editors and Publications

Industry journalists provided invaluable third-party endorsement by putting SmartSky’s network to the test during a media demo. Aviation International News editor Chad Trautvetter said, “There were more than 50 seamless beam handovers during the 45-minute flight, proving that the engineering aspect of the system works.” One demo flight resulted in five articles in industry publications. More than 128 patents to date add more proof of SmartSky’s huge technological advantage.