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Getting the Right Industry Reporters and Editors Onboard

For SmartSky’s first media demo of its 4G LTE-based network, we flew five reporters on the client’s Citation Excel. Publications included AIN/Business Jet Traveler, BCA/Aviation Week, Flying, Professional Pilot and Rotor & Wing/Avionics. Reporters put SmartSky to the test. Making FaceTime calls. Streaming videos. Downloading ebooks. Buying products. Even managing fantasy football waiver picks.

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It isn’t easy conveying highly technical services such as SmartSky’s to reporters who might be more familiar with aviation than with with the fine points of a connected aircraft. Greteman Group helps reporters and editors grasp the game-changing nature of our 4G LTE-based solution, delivering the aviation’s long-promised office-in-the-sky experience.

SmartSky Networks
vice president of business aviation

Advancing the Demo Real Time on Social Media

Throughout the demo flight and tour of SmartSky partner Avidyne, we tweeted photos and updates. Reporters shared these and added their own. SmartSky’s ability to enable passengers to use their own devices and internet subscriptions when connected in flight to its Wi-Fi network drew raves. Avionics Managing Editor Amy Kluber tweeted in flight, “Can I have this for my flight home?”

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Instead of telling a client or family member you have a flight and will call in a couple of hours, you can say, 'I've got a flight, let me call you in fifteen minutes.'

aviation week editor

Proving Viability to a Skeptical Audience

We accomplished the day’s main objective of showing aviation reporters and editors SmartSky’s network successfully in operation. Follow-up articles in leading industry publications added credence to SmartSky’s marketing messages. AIN Editor Chad Trautvetter noted, “There were more than 50 seamless beam handovers during the 45-minute flight, proving that the engineering aspect of the system works.” Bingo. You cannot buy that kind of endorsement.

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