SmartSky Networks

Revolutionary SmartSky 4G LTE Network Needs Equally Game-Changing Inflight Wi-Fi Product Marketing

SmartSky Networks’ team of industry-leading aviation and telecommunications professionals are spearheading an inflight connectivity revolution. They launched it in 2009, and, in two years, were well underway with a clean-sheet-designed, air-to-ground (ATG) network. Breakthroughs pushed the envelope of performance with advanced communication technologies. Today, SmartSky 4G LTE with proprietary beamforming stands apart as the only inflight network capable of offering real-time bidirectional connectivity without the latency of satellite-based solutions. SmartSky reached out to us to help communicate to a marketplace hungry for blazing-fast Wi-Fi, but reluctant to switch systems with an unproven provider.

Taking a revolutionary, new product to market requires vision, tenacity and the right team. We found a strategic creative partner in Greteman Group, one that never lets us down.

SmartSky Networks
Chief Commercial Officer

Emphasizing Wi-Fi That Wows

Distinctive illustration-based ads for leading trade shows use celebratory messaging – “Hallelujah” and “O Happy Day” – to communicate the joy and transformational change of this new connectivity option. Great new video and photography from dedicated shoots showcase the business user using Facetime, streaming video, downloading large files and more. Comparison charts clarify complicated offerings. A direct mail campaign to Early Bird customers ensures regular, positive communication to this key group and branded thank-you gifts helps keep them onboard and feeling appreciated. One of the most popular included SmartSky-blue Ray-Ban sunglasses.


Making the Case for Changing to a Better Option

Going up against a goliath competitor like Gogo requires courage and SmartSky’s team has that in spades. It’s born of confidence. They know they have the better product. For both airframe and cockpit applications. The industry understands the benefits not just to passengers in the cabin, but fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, weather monitoring, flight planning, safety indicators and myriad other internet of things (IoT) applications. Operators are signing up. But perhaps even more encouraging, Gogo, after repeated claims that SmartSky’s system wouldn’t work, announced it too will roll out similar ground-based technology. But it’s got considerable catching up to do. SmartSky got out of the gate first and, in this game, it’s all about who’s ready to play.


Working with smart clients leading a revolutionary charge means there are no boring days.

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