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SmartSky Networks
chief commercial officer

Changing the Marketplace for Inflight Connectivity

SmartSky Networks’ team of telecommunications, technology and aviation experts are spearheading an inflight connectivity revolution. Their game-changing air-to-ground (ATG) network offers relief for an industry plagued with slow and unreliable Wi-Fi options, or burdened by satellite solutions’ high costs. This transformative technology needed an equally ambitious and fearless tech marketing and creative campaign to communicate the benefits of the new nationwide network.


Driving Decisions Through User Experiences

Clean, modern imagery instantly communicates air-to-ground connectivity and how SmartSky facilitates life’s fast pace. High-speed data transfer, real-time videochatting and collaborations from the air to the ground all stake a connection only SmartSky’s beams can deliver. Boardroom meetings happen in multiple locations, operational data provide safer and smoother flights and personal interactions aren’t lost during work trips. Messaging focuses on the enhanced experiences of passengers, pilots and operations.


Tech Marketing Tells the Story

More than 128 patents to date give SmartSky a huge technological edge over competitors. But prospects needed further education to show how advantages such as low latency benefited them or the online gamer aboard. Short explainer videos and simple infographics turn complex concepts into “now-I-get-it” moments. Informative tradeshow booths and collateral answer those questions while also prompting deeper conversations from decision makers. In facilitating the first media demo of the ultrafast network, we brought key reporters on board and let them show readers and followers how well it performed. Everything works to prompt prospective customers to ask, “Can my current system do what SmartSky does?”


Working with smart clients leading a revolutionary charge means there are no boring days.

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