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Insurance Branding for Aerospace Leader USAIG

USAIG commands an enviable reputation as one of the undisputed leaders in aviation insurance. Customers praise its excellent claims service and say they feel as though they have a personal relationship with the company, not merely a business arrangement. You can’t buy or replicate the word-of-mouth and goodwill that loyalty generates. USAIG was the nation’s first aviation-exclusive insurance company when it was founded in 1928 by two visionary WWI pilots, and it has remained rightly proud of its history. But the company had been coasting on its reputation and legacy for many years, relying almost entirely on word-of-mouth. It didn’t advertise its expertise. Its brand lacked cohesion and didn’t effectively communicate its aviation focus. Its website was tired and difficult to navigate. Its copy voice was stiff, formal and inconsistent.

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Investing in a Singular, Branded, Public-Facing Identity

The company’s very identity was confusing – United States Aviation Underwriters (USAU) is the management company for USAIG, a pool of insurance companies that issues the policies. The company needed to promote a single identity, update its brand and revamp its website. Surveys of customers, independent insurance brokers and employees confirmed the company’s solid reputation for excellent claims service and a relationship-based approach to doing business. Any changes to its identity had to acknowledge and honor the company’s long history. We had to introduce the company to a broader audience without alienating loyal constituents.

In 2011, we worked closely with USAIG’s progressive leaders, who were eager for change and actively participated in our Ascend planning process. We moved through the discovery phase with a competitive analysis and brand audit. All quickly agreed that USAIG could become the public face with USAU slipping into the background. We codified USAIG’s brand character, positioning, promise and vision. A manifesto gave team members a story to proudly tell the world. The new brand celebrates USAIG using a friendly, aviation-themed copy voice; an easier-to-navigate website; a striking color palette; and inviting photography.

  • insurance branding safety poster for pilots
  • insurance branding safety poster for mechanics

An Industry Leader with a Long, Proud History and Equally Proud Future

A quarterly tip-in poster runs in one of the industry’s most highly respected publications, Aviation International News, and can be downloaded online. This poster series dates back three decades. The 2011 refresh included striking photography, bold headlines and a list of quick tips. We’ve since added hashtags to encourage online safety-focused conversations and, later moved to an illustration style. Poster requests immediately soared. The rebrand included other marketing tools: an important new program called Performance Vector, customizable folders, one sheets, a correspondence package, brochures, tradeshow booth graphics and advertising.

USAIG remains a solid performer that delivers excellent service and will be there if disaster strikes. The rebranding acknowledges its exclusive focus on aviation and clearly communicates that this is a friendly, expert, innovative company that will grow with and stay out front of the constantly changing aviation industry.


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