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Growing Need Leads to Nonprofit Rebranding

As the world’s need for healing and hope intensifies, Saint Francis Community Services decided it was time for a bigger, broader name. One that communicates its ever-growing diversity of spirit-led services and locations. The rebranding helps tell a bigger story that drives donor engagement and support. It also helps connect team members to the mission, boosting retention and recruitment.

Our new name and branding beautifully aligns with our ever-growing diversity of services and locations while embracing our essence as a faith-based, mission-driven organization.

The Very Reverend Robert Nelson Smith
Saint Francis Ministries
dean, president and CEO

Building On Existing Brand Equity

Keeping “Saint Francis” was a given. This 13th-century saint’s concern for those in need personifies this nonprofit organization. Saint Francis Ministries conveys an organization born of mission, driven by vision, and breathed into life by action. It’s on the move, doing what needs done. The name is simple, memorable and just feels right.


A Powerful New Mark

The mark leverages the inclusiveness of a circle. It retains the calming brand colors of light blue and white, and introduces sunshine gold. The dove enjoys a long association with the ministry of Saint Francis. Having it in flight signifies purpose and strategic aim. It’s like an arrow, directing people to Saint Francis.


Materials That Tell a Story

A clear graphic standards helps create a consistent, cohesive brand that unifies and elevates efforts throughout this far-flung organization. It also lessens the likelihood of disparate locations doing their own thing. A brand book for team members encourages understanding and buy-in for these powerful brand advocates. Materials from trifolds and one sheets to digital outreach and a comprehensive capabilities brochure tell Saint Francis’ roll-up-the-sleeves story. Clean white space gives breathing room to simple, powerful messages and bright photography of diverse people in healing situations.


Viewing One’s Role as a Journey

To increase team members’ understanding of their roles in Saint Francis’ successes and rebranding, we developed a small HOPE passport. It serves to inspire and keep the mission top of mind. Next to yearly department and aligned individual goals, spaces for quarterly personal milestones can be filled in and reviewed. Supervisors have an array of stickers to use as stamps of approval and encouragement.


Enhancing the Online User Experience

In addition to applying the new brand to the new content-managed, responsive site, we worked with the Saint Francis team to streamline navigation, close some existing loops, and provide a better visitor experience. The result: a site that’s easy to update internally, a design that makes information easier and faster to find, calls to action that prompt desired outcomes, and analytics that help identify issues and opportunities.