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Free to Bee Microsite Development Encourages Bee-Friendly Habits and Habitats

Appreciating nature is more than idle buzz around here. In late 2016, we launched Free to Bee, an interactive microsite designed to both entertain and educate visitors. Visitors plant virtual gardens to help bees thrive. They scroll over objects and fun facts pop up. (Did you know that honeybees never sleep and their wings stroke 11,400 times a minute?)

The site communicates bees’ vital role in pollinating flowers, fruit trees and crops. (Bees play a part in almost every bite we eat.) Whimsical graphics and playful animation serve to make the time on site fly and learning fun.


Getting up close and personal with bees does more than encourage a deeper understanding of their place in nature. A flight with the winged wonders also reinforces our aviation marketing niche. We sent Free to Bee branded email to clients as part of our annual holiday tradition. The creative symbolizes a gift on their behalf to a worthy nonprofit. Free to Bee’s charitable donation went to Botanica, the Wichita Gardens. Its 18 acres of wildflower meadows, canopied woodlands, formal gardens and water features offer sanctuary for pollinators and humans alike.

Visitors could share the site and spark up conversation on their social channels by including #FreeToBee. Our :40 video provided a nice overview. Set to the sound of Flight of the Bumblebee. Naturally.