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Energy Website Design Plays Key Role in Renew Kansas Rebranding

The Kansas Association of Ethanol Processors formed as an industry support office, directing its efforts and its website almost exclusively to its members and suppliers. Its brand was outdated and incohesive, its messaging to the public nearly nonexistent. The organization’s board of directors wanted to broaden its scope, including an initiative to promote E15 – gasoline with a higher, 15 percent blend of ethanol. Board members realized they did not have the tools in place to begin the process of reaching out to the driving public. We began by renaming the group Renew Kansas – a friendly identity that captures both the renewable essence of ethanol as well as the revitalizing effect ethanol production can have on state and local economies. In addition, the name encompasses other biofuels that the group may wish to promote. The new logo also embraces a broader mission to evoke agricultural, environmental and economic renewal – reinforced by the tagline: “Biofuels for the Future.”


Strong calls to action simplify a complicated industry and tell people exactly what you want them to do.

Greteman Group
president and creative director

The full brand pulls it all together to promote sustainability and beneficial use: clean, green, efficient, smart, proven, trustworthy – renewable. Combining that look and feel with warm, informative, consumer-facing messaging, we built an all-new, responsive and SEO-laden website that tells the story of Renew Kansas and the advantages of ethanol, answering questions about how and why ethanol is – “Good for You. Good for Kansas.” Quick facts on the homepage speak to consumers’ most-asked questions, and an informative internal page answers the big question – why ethanol? – from a variety of perspectives. The site provides enough authoritative information to satisfy most people, but doesn’t try to serve as a clearinghouse for all things ethanol. Instead, it provides links to solid, credible sources for more detailed study.


Our refreshed brand strengthens both our statewide and legislative outreach. Renewable fuels benefit Kansas.

Renew Kansas board chairman
and Western Plains Energy CEO

Making the Case for the Value and Effectiveness of Ethanol

Renew Kansas board and staff members are delighted with the changes and their fresh, new brand. It’s helped energize the organization’s push to connect with Kansas citizens, and it gives the group the tools it needs to take on specific projects, such as promoting E15 across the state. Those are changes that are good for us all. Consider Renew Kansas fully renewed. And ready to rumble.