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Plastic Surgery Center Advertising

The Plastic Surgery Center approached us to help identify and claim their unique marketing message. Our challenge: medical competitors and day spas offering overlapping services and claiming plastic-surgery expertise even when not credentialed. Also, a profusion of outlets providing injectables and other in-demand aesthetic treatments has commoditized these services.

Encouraging people to create their individual versions of beautiful transforms lives, not just looks.

Greteman Group
agency VP and brand director

Reminding Consumers: Buyer Beware

Not only do practitioners vary greatly in training and experience, the beauty industry now offers services and procedures best delivered under a doctor’s supervision. Plastic Surgery Center’s new tagline says it best: “You Can See the Difference.”

Our rebranding builds on the center’s nearly five-decade-long plastic surgery track record, onsite surgery center and reputation as a proven, safe option. But our outreach is anything but clinical. The dead-on-gorgeousness of our visuals captures attention. Friendly copy envisions a path to vitality and confidence. All by looking as good as you feel. Creating your version of beautiful.


Channels and Tools That Work Beautifully

To generate adequate reach for our creative, we ran targeted five-second spots on local TV news, issued a direct mail to women aged 35-70 in key zip codes, scheduled full-page ads in a popular local women’s magazine and proposed digital billboards at key locations. We leveraged behavioral targeting so when health-conscience women in the center’s service area were online, Plastic Surgery Center messaging appeared. We used banner ads, a pay-per-click campaign and Facebook ads. Offer-driven email campaigns provided dynamic, trackable outreach. The campaign generated a click-through rate exceeding the national average. Anecdotal feedback from customers was likewise positive.


The seasons have their natural rhythms. Beauty does, too. Our creative emphasizes ways to be your best, most-confident self no matter what your age.

Greteman Group
art director