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Eisenhower AIR, our new digital magazine design, rethinks the Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport’s external communications as more storytelling than marketing and sales. AIR alludes to the airport and airplanes. But also to the sky’s uplifting, limitless possibilities. A dynamic masthead keeps each issue fresh and teases season-appropriate stories. Making it highly responsive taps into its 88% mobile readership. Readers easily navigate through the varied articles with vibrant photos, playful illustrations and engaging copy. Within its pages, we share stories about people, the places they go and adventures they have.


We crowdsource ideas and stories by running contests through the airport’s website and social channels, reaching out through digital media or even hitting the phones. We provide updates about new airlines, connections, amenities and travel tips at the airport. To reach new audiences, we work organic social media and run Facebook and Google ads. eBlasts let current subscribers know about the airport’s new magazine and each issues. Social sharing icons within the digital magazine encourage readers to spread articles and help make the airport even more vital. Like a deep, clean breath of air.

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Analytics Show Readers Connect with AIR

Eisenhower AIR has generated more than 100,000 readers with an open rate of 17%, well above the 3% industry average. People spend twice as long with AIR than any other section on the airport’s website. Readers have come from 49 of the 50 states. The Web Marketing Association named Eisenhower AIR Best Travel Online Magazine in its 2017 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards.